Proud New Grandma!!!

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Masta, Feb 29, 2008.

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    Just wanted to let you know my oldest difficult child had her baby boy yesterday at 5:37pm. Tyler weighed 8lbs 3oz was 20in long.

    difficult child was a scheduled induction.. she was 40 weeks preggers but measuring slightly larger.

    hospital broke her waters approx 7am she was fully dilated around 2pm. difficult child pushed for 3hrs. Tyler was hung up on the pubic bone.. they ended up trying the vacuum. It worked!! difficult child labored well and quickly. She did get an epidural right after the pitocin was started and her waters broke. Tylers head is sore with a small tear of flesh on his scalp. He has a hematoma (fluid on top of the scull right under the skin). It will reabsorb it was from the force of the vacuum. I stayed right by her door and listened but didn’t go in and watch she was with her husband only during the delivery.

    difficult child left her hubby last Saturday. She has been with me since. She wont leave him permanently. 2 weeks ago he gave her bus money to file for a divorce. This Monday he said he wont come back to their apartment till he seeks help and he is better. Come Tuesday night he doesn’t want to do therapy coz he has done it all before and wants to come home. I will keep you all updated.


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    Congratulations, Masta! Hope difficult child and baby are doing well. I'm glad she has been with you, hope her protective instincts towards the baby kick in hard and she puts him ahead of husband. Take care,
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    Congratulations Grandma.....I am looking forward to becoming a first time grandma in May, so I will be joining the club!!

    I am glad that both difficult child and son are doing well and hopefully things will settle down with husband, as she will have her hands full.
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    Congrats to gramma and new mommy! I'm so glad she finally got the nerve to leave him. I hope things work out - will keep you all in my prayers.
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    Congradulations Gramma :)

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    Congrats!! I'm sure it's wonderful to hold such a little one.

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    Huge congrats Grandma!!!!! I hope Mom and baby are doing well.

    Keeping fingers crossed maternal instincts kick in hard and aides difficult child in the decisions she needs to make for their future.

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    Congratulations on the new baby. Glad baby and mommy are doing good.
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    Congratulations!!! Enjoy the baby. The vacuum related head thingy will go away. Be SURE her doctor did a good job with HER body. Used vacuum with my oldest and I ended up really messed up inside. It didn't get fixed until the scars tore during Jessie's birth. So be sure you ask her doctor, she may not. I didn't know to. But the vacuum isn't easy on mom or baby.

    Sounds like baby is a cutie!
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    Congrats, how EXCITING!!!!!
    My grandson is due in three weeks :)
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    Congrats Grandma and mommy! Its a wonderful club to be
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    Welcome Tyler!

    Congrats, Masta! :)