psychological testing / IEP



OK. SD completed psychological testing. Psychologist emailed me and said "He was cooperative with me and II enjoyed being with a student as knowledgeable as he is."
She said she wouldn't go into specifics regarding the tests, but did share that academically he scored 92% higher than other 7th graders. keep in mind, he has already skipped a grade (2nd).
I know I should be proud..but I am not feeling that way. i would rather have him normal.
Questions I have regarding IEP. What am I looking for or AT when they tell me the scores of all the tests given? I do not even know all the tests. difficult child said there was a bunch. He said a puzzle one too.
The One person who knows difficult child better than anyone, the counselor from elementary school emailed to tell me her principal will not allow her to attend an IEP at the middle school...even on her OWN time. I assume it is a conflict issue. However, that principal and I / difficult child do have a history. So..I am all alone again at the IEP. Really scared this time. Too many people, and just really scared.


I'm not surprised about the counselor.... Hope you can find someone else to attend with you. A neighbor, relative, husband, anybody!

What about the psychiatric part of the evaluation?

You can ask for a copy of the report. If they need to make an appointment for you to meet with the diagnostician before they release it -- fine.

in my opinion, it's ridiculous to expect a parent to walk into an IEP meeting unprepared! You need time to read the report, decipher it, maybe make a list of questions you may need answers too.


Ditto Sheila.

Do NOT go to this meeting without seeing (and having explained if necessary) the psychological evaluation. It is ridiculous to see an evaluation. for the first time while you are supposed to be participating in the meeting.

I'm sorry to have lost track, is your difficult child already IEP qualified? If not, you need to be prepared to argue that negative education impact includes social development and behavior. If he already has an IEP, the issue is keeping it in the presence of such high test scores. It is not contradictory to law but some SD try to make it seem so.

Education does not equal either PASSING GRADES ONLY or HIGH TEST SCORES only. Every SD has a wonder statement of purpose where they talk about producing well rounded citizens, who are function, employable, help little old ladies across the street, yada, yada, yada...

This is often the most effective weapon when faced with a very narrow view of "educational impact."

Try to get someone to go with you to take notes. You will need the notes to send your letters of confirmation (or disagreement)--plus you need the moral support. I NEVER went to and IEP meeting alone.