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    Thanks Donna. There's even a side effects checklist on pages 68 & 69. Great find!
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    One thing I especially liked was that it gives the half life of these medications. Sometimes that can be hard to find but important.

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    Oh I think this is going to be quite handy since I feel like I am in a war with my psychiatrist at the moment. He has just increased my medications and denied me another and I am not very happy with him.
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    Thanks for the site. I found a site that I find very helpful: It has some very useful information, easy to navigate, but not for the faint of heart!
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    Good info - I bookmarked the booklet - thanks!

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    Donna, I thought the half-life had to be listed in the detail instructions on the medication, the ones in fine print written for docs. I've seen most medication sites, the ones for a specific medication, have those instructions. Any particular one you're looking for?
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    thanks OTE, I didn't realize they were printed on the drug insert. I don't need any information right now, but may in the future. At least now I will know where to look.