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Oh this makes me so mad. I had a very long reply on here about ptsd and the stupid computer disconnected right when I was about finished. Of course it seems to be lost. i hate to have to type all that over again. Damn blasted computers anyway.

I'll try again later, but I am out of time today and tommorrow is a pretty busy day. Just wanted you to know I did have something.

Julie with son named Nathan which mean a gift from God. Some gifts are hard one. Possible new life form, in therapy now to figure out why he does the odd things he does. Good thing he is so cute. Motto: There is light at the end of the tunnel, you just have to find the right tunnel.
Nathan my difficult child, no medications. Will be four in December.
Me, mom on 20 mg on Prozac. 38yrs old, an older mom but don't seem to be any wiser.
DEX: totally insane but thinks everyone esle is.
Wish some space alien's would come get him and take him back to their planet.

How about panic attacks? I had been handling all of this pretty well after some counseling through my college. That is up until the Pookah man had to be placed at CCS. He was abused and I was treated like a criminal, at times not even being allowed access to him. I took him out of there and started having some serious panic attacks, bad enough that the doctor put me on medications to control them. I'm off the medications now, but I still have them on occasion, usually when I feel like people are sucking up all the oxygen in a room! I control them with Yoga and breathing techniques as well as some pretty awesome visualization (ie; Sean Connery or Kenan Wayans rubbing my feet........) I just started going to another counselor to try to stop them altogether. I have always been mentally healthy up until that point. Some depression due to son's diagnoses, some frustrations due to son's doctors/therapists, but nothing major till now. This counselor that I'm going to has even brought up possible PTS too, but not diagnosed.