puppy jumped out car window



husband was taking difficult child to baseball practice, he took both dogs with. I get a call, puppy jumped out window as they were traveling down one of the main busy streets. husband didn't know she jumped, difficult child told him and he said, no... Then realized she was gone. He wasn't sure where she jumped. Neighbor took her van, and we went looking for her since she had disappeared. No guts on the road, that was a good thing. We drove up and down the side streets asking if anyone saw a puppy. No one did. We got out by the empty lots and walked looking for her. husband was walking looking for her, and we saw difficult child sitting on a curb in a parking lot with big dog, crying. It was really a sad picture. We picked him up and went home, since I JUST put a tag on her with our phone number. difficult child was convinced she was gone, or dead forever. Neighbor kept saying "calm down, check your phone". We came in and someone had called. He had her. He was already at humane society since nobody answered the phone. He then drove her home. He said there was a car behind husband and that lady stopped and stopped traffic on the busy road. (40 mph). He got the puppy. He saw her come out the window. Puppy seems to be uninjured..don't know how, but seems to be just as frisky as ever. difficult child cried happy tears when he got here. Puppy was just sitting on his lap. Needless to say, they never made it to Baseball practice. Puppy goes to vet on Thursday for shots, I will have them check her out further.


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I assume the windows will be rolled up from now on.
I'm so glad that woman stopped.

And so glad that the puppy, you, husband and difficult child survived the emotional ordeal!


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Sounds like quite an adventure!! I am glad the puppy is okay...we have had some strange things happen with our dog too...he has never jumped out of the car window, but he did run out of the yard once and wander into the yard of a couple who are both truck drivers. Our dog is a Boxer, and it just so happened that they used to own a boxer that had died only a few months before of old age...and they were desperately trying to find the owners...of course, he managed to get out the only time that he was without his collar... and since they could not find us, they decided that they would take him on a road trip with them because they were afraid that if they let him go something bad might happen to him, and they had to leave town for a truck run. They called our city hall and told them they had him and that they were taking him with them so they could be sure he was safe and that if anyone came looking, to give them their phone number. We called and checked in with them, and apparently he was en route to California, for 5 days, from Illinois!!!! It was difficult for us to be away from him for so long, but we knew he was safe and the people he was with took extremely good care of him, and when all was over with, we ended up with some very excited prospective puppy-sitters, because the wife said that if we EVER decided that we needed someone to watch him, she would be MORE THAN HAPPY to take him on another trip.

Again, I am very glad your puppy is okay, and just a thought, does anyone think that even our ANIMALS have the potential to be difficult child's!?!?!?!?!?!?


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This happened to me once, with a kitten. We had just been to the vet and were on the way home through a busy intersection when she jumped out the window. I stopped the car as soon as I could, got out and searched, but no sign of her at all. easy child & I drove back there that night and put up notices with our phone number, but we only got one call, from some kids. "About the cat - it's dead." and they hung up. Don't know whether it was a cruel joke or not.

I always hoped that kitten found herself a good home.