Question about American Idols New Yorks auditions

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by gottaloveem, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. gottaloveem

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    Who was the guest judge? I can't figure it out or find the answers on the internet anywhere.
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  3. DammitJanet

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    So what did we think about the auditions?

    I thought there were some good people. I cant remember them all but I liked the girl who snuck into town from ohio without her dads permission and then called him. That was so touching. Then there was the guy from VA.

    Why on earth do people show up in costumes? A space suit? Please!

    And what about that girl who got up there and couldnt sing, told them she knew she couldnt sing, admitted she was tone deaf but told them she knew she could be the next american idol because she felt that you didnt have to be able to sing! LMAO. Then she got mad at the judges when they pointed out that all the people who had won previously could sing...OMG. I was laughing so hard.
  4. gottaloveem

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    Yeah Janet, the space suit was way over the top :smile:

    thanks TM for the answer. My friend and I couldn't figure it out. Her husband kept saying Carol King :wildone: and we were saying, No Way! LOL

    I liked the two girls that came in together as friends. Simon told the one that the hollywood way is to kick them when they are down. She had a great voice. (the taller one) I bet she will make it to the final 12. JMHO
  5. Suz

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    I agree. My favorites were the best friends. Oh- and the guy who came back. The one who partied too hard last year and couldn't remember the words in Hollywood so he quit. I loved how it haunted him and he had the cojones to admit he was wrong and asked for a second chance---and that they are giving it to him. YAY!

  6. Lothlorien

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    I was so annoyed by that Ian Bernardo guy. I think he was just there to get on the air. I think he had everything he said to Simon scripted in his head.I think he knew that he couldn't sing. He's annoying and a waste of time. I can't stand the way he talks. New Yorkers don't talk that way. I honestly think they shouldn't give him anymore airtime. He's just a jerk.

    The two girls that are friends are actually from my neck of the woods. For some reason, I don't think they are going to make it to the finals. They were good, but I don't think they are quite as good as some of the others that have gone through.

    I liked the kid with the green shirt that Simon said he thought he was better than the audition and that he'd probably surprise everyone in the next round.

    I was glad the guy who made it last season but forgot his words and left got another chance. He has an AWESOME smokey voice!

    Do you notice the look on Paula's face when the good looking young guys can sing? She has the look of a cat in heat and on the prowl, doesn't she? Did you catch the look on her face when the 16 year old came in (the one who was adopted by a Bolivian family)? His mother better keep an eye out, cause Paula's on the prowl!
  7. Kathy813

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    There's a thread on about how much the guest host looked like Joan Collins.

    I thought the same thing when she first walked out! I couldn't figure what in the world Joan Collins had to do with singing.

  8. Suz

    Suz (the future) MRS. GERE

    Loth, I'd forgotten about the 16 year old. He was incredibly handsome and sure doesn't look 16!

    Yes I also noticed how Paula's demeanor changed when a good looking male was in the room. Do we really think she didn't have that flirtation with Corey What'shisname a few years back? Hmmm.

    Kathy- you're right about C.B-S looking like Joan Collins! I hadn't thought of that before. I remember when she was dating Marvin Hamlisch and then married to Burt Bacharach. I enjoyed reading the article about her on the link TM provided. It brought back a lot of memories and made me want to hum some of her tunes. :biggrin:

  9. DammitJanet

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    LOL...My husband said hey what is Joan Collins doing on American Idol!
  10. DDD

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    OK...I thought it was Joan Collins at first also. Then the
    only other Carol I could think of was Carol King.

    The 16 year old boy was something. I'm sure Paula wasn't the only one flipping out! DDD
  11. Lothlorien

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    In all fairness to Paula, the guys go banannas and get stupid looks on their faces with a nice looking girl too. Paula just sits upright and her eyes light up and she practically blushes and gushes over the guys. I'm just waiting for cartoon hearts to start shooting out from around her.

    I though that woman looked like Joan Collins too. I'm sure most of those kids hadn't a clue who she was either.