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Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by LittleDudesMom, Jun 9, 2008.

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    I have a question. We have our annual IEP meeting tomorrow and there is only one thing that will be changing. In two areas of difficult child's IEP, "Accoms and Mods" and "Virginia Standards of Learning Assessments", difficult child has the accom "small group (6 or less) testing administration".

    He just finished his SOLs last week and he decided that he wanted to take his three tests with his classes rather than go to the media center with the other IEP students. His reasoning to the asst prin was, "I have been taking my tests with my class all year long, I don't need that anymore." So I gave my consent, by way of a letter, for him to test with his class. difficult child has made some great strides and, being a middle-schooler, is a little more concerned about being with the group rather than being singled-out.

    My question, can we leave the IEP as it is and just include " needed or requested by parent, student, or teacher" to the end of the small group testing sentence? Is that too open ended? I would rather leave it there if needed than remove it and have it be an issue later. Does that make sense?

    I'm just wondering if that new wording is too "generic". Thanks for you help.

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    That change can be made and it makes sense, under the circumstances. You're just leaving a safety net in place.
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    I agree with-Sarah. If it doesn't work, you should be able to get it written back into the IEP.
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    Side note here - I was talking to difficult child as we were riding home from school today and I told him we were having his IEP meeting on Wed and there were only two things that we really were going to talk about. One was that I wanted him to stay in collaborative math since there are two teachers in the classroom and there is only one collab math class per grade level and he would probably be with most of the same kids. He agreed.

    Then I mentioned about the testing situation. I told him that I was thinking about leaving it in because it was easier sometimes to remove somthing from his iep than to put it back in. He said, "Mom just put in there "as needed"". Hmmm, smart cookie that difficult child of mine.....!

    I'm going to actually tell the team that it is his suggestion.

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    My son had a meltdown at the English statewide because he did not want to be in the separate location, so we signed a waiver allowing him to be with his class for the rest of English, math and social studies state testing. He is in honors so he will take a regents exam rather than the regular state science exam. I was able to sign a waiver for each exam and keep the language overall in the IEP. I don't know that this will work when he goes up to HS, however, there are no more state tests, just regent exams at the end of a subject.
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    As is said, "Out of the mouth of babes." lol
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    Yes Sheila - that saying is appropriate.

    "as needed" was added - I just have to send a letter a couple weeks prior to state testing next year waiving the small group if that is what is appropriate at the time.


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    I wish I had read this before- we have it in difficult child's IEP that he is to have small group testing as requested by him in one class, and for another class it is written as requested by student or teacher. The reason is because when it was written "as needed", the teacher automatically sent him out with the other collab. students and difficult child started feeling self-conscience and like it didn't matter if he needed it or not. This approach put a little more control and responsibility in his hands, which he LOVES. He doesn't have to ask on his own- it would be embaressing for him- so the teacher indicreetly asks him before tests what he prefers to do.

    It probably doesn't matter how that is worded though if everyone is on the same page with it. It sounds like he is really growing up!!