Question for those whose difficult children have been incarcerated

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by smallworld, Jan 26, 2010.

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    What happens when your difficult child gets out of prison? Are there programs to help them obtain mental health services? I'm asking because I'm answering requests for a non-profit organization, and we've had several caregivers asking about mental health resources for their adult children about to leave prison. Any leads you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    I dont know about prison but out of jail, no. Supposedly here in NC, there is a special type of intensive probation for people who have mental illness, substance abuse and are repeat offenders but how you actually get put on that probation, heaven only knows! I asked Cory's PO about putting him on it because of his bipolar and PD-not otherwise specified diagnosis's because it mandated mental health treatment, schooling to get your HS diploma or GED etc and he nixed the idea.

    You could check on the prisontalk website and see what they say there. They might be a good site to ask this sort of question because they have adults who are coming out. Well hopefully they do! I saw people who's kids had very long sentences on there. So sad.
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    Hmm. Not sure either. My daughter's been in jail, but technically it has all been up to her probation officer to offer her services, and he's been pretty much worthless. Does your son have a probation/parole officer that will be supervising him? It might be worthwhile to contact him/her and express your concern for the need of mental health services.
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    SW...I also know that when I thought Cory was going to end up in prison that there was a section of the prison that was more like an Residential Treatment Center (RTC) which was for the mentally ill but I think that is for the more severely mentally ill. I dont know that Cory would have qualified. I told him to be completely honest when he was in the part where they decide where you go and tell them all his diagnosis's but who knows.

    I think if you come out from the part that is for the mentally ill, they have some form of halfway house and that is supposed to integrate you back into society. But I am not completely sure and lets all remember, these programs are all on paper and we know how that really works. Programs are cut, funding isnt there, and yada yada.
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    In my State there are socialization programs. I have had my difficult child in two of them already. I would contact the office of Mental Health and mental retardation for a list. Aslo try your state's website. -RM
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    Thanks Janet, Bean and RM! Your answers were very helpful. I appreciate your assistance.:D
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    There aren't very many publicly announced programs here BECAUSE most of the programs that our state has are saved for kids who are wards of the court or foster care kids. Kids like mine who have a parent or two are pretty much on their own.

    I know this because we begged for some kind of program for Dude to go into when he got out of Department of Juvenile Justice and we were told he could come home to us. If WE refused to take him then WE were going to jail. We said fine - take us. WE need the vacation. We stood firm and eventually our caseworker worked with the staff at Department of Juvenile Justice and they came up with the group home (that we ultimately had shut down it was so lovely). From there he went into Foster care.

    As far as prison and county jail I know there are camps and programs for adult children, but the place I would contact here would be the Department of Probation and Parole.

    Hope this is of some help.
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    Thanks, Star!