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    Ok, just wandering how you all handle or keep up with your lack of sleep ..esp because of our harder to handle kiddos. How much energy does it take you to feel "normal again" esp after any type of episode you may deal with. Even if you get sleep, do you still feel tired and lack of energy?

    Now add the rest of your lives, other kids, family, jobs, friends, etc? Being overweight or health issues? Just wandering because of my exhaustion!
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    I get a bit more sleep now... there were quite a few years where 4 hours per 24-hr period wasn't unusual for weeks on end. Walking zombie.

    I had to learn to force myself to eat better and drink more... yes, it affects the quality of your sleep, as well as energy levels during the day. Take a mind-break every day - do something to unwind, whether it's 30 mins of reading, or a luxury bath, or whatever helps you cope.
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    Yes omg! Its like Monday rolls around and the drama of the morning happens, then they are at school. Then we try to relax haha! After my son missed Thur and Friday with all day tantrums( few breaks here and there) then attitude Sat and Sunday, Its like I need two days to recover from just one day! Sad! Then add the rest in as I said.

    Ok great Idea, I will start drinking some more water, I think your right! Thanks Insane!
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    I think the more stress we are under, the more we have to take care of our health. Of course, when we are under stress, we don't feel like taking care of ourselves I never had a child who is as challenged as your son. Not even 37. But I did suffer from depression and anxiety and, with that, you get insomnia. I tried to eat healthy, exercise, and lay down even if I couldn't sleep. I found that getting myself into a routine really helped. Same bedtime every night, for example. Same time to eat. I think fruits and veggies are invaluable and for me sugar and junk food makes me feel sluggish so I avoid it.

    See how things go and how you feel if you take good care of your self for a few weeks. Hopefully it would help. When is the last time you went to your doctor for a physical? I go once a year, every year. That's another way of taking care of yourself.
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    Even with plenty of sleep I am always tired! Exercise helps me the most!
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    Eating healthy and exercise are key in helping your body and mind deal with stress. Exercise will help your body release stress and will also help you sleep better. Exercise will also give you more energy.
    I am a light weight and if I find I'm having trouble sleeping I will take a Benedryl, it knocks me right out.
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    I suffer from insomnia due to worrying.

    I went to a buddhist weekend for insomniacs a few years ago (no, I wouldn't have imagined such a thing existed either, until I saw it advertised in my local vegan restaurant). Anyway... apart from yoga etc there was a monk who taught us a technique that works for me: close your eyes and focus on an imaginary black spot, stare at the spot (in your mind), this causes your eyes to stop moving and the movement of our eyes is linked to our brain waves, stopping eye movement stops thoughts from whooshing around our brains and leads to sleep. This still works for me most nights - unless I'm in one of my uber-worrying phases for some reason. If it doesn't work I just give up and read. Some nights it's just a lost cause. I'm lucky I suppose in that I work in the evenings, so if I'm totally exhausted I can have a nap in the day.
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    I come from a very long line of insomniacs. It can drive me nuts. I often do MUCH better when I am able to be up an about late at night and sleep during the day. It was torture when Wiz was little because he woke up at five am no matter what. I NEVER had to get him up for school in elem school. He naturally woke up no matter how late he was up the night before. When he was in middle school, all of my kids got together and begged me to stop getting up with them before school. I just didn't function well enough, lol. They got themselves and thank you up and dressed and fed and off to school and I did dinner and bedtimes and it worked amazingly.

    I do find that lavender essential oil on my pillow helps me get a good night's sleep. Melatonin is helpful also, though I don't take it on a regular basis because I find that makes it less effective. I also use audiobooks to help quiet my thoughts and get to sleep. If I am having real problems, I use guided meditation on audio recordings. That is esp helpful when I have a migraine and cannot sleep because of the pain and nausea.

    Getting enough protein and having a diet with balanced amounts of carbs, fat and protein also helps you get enough sleep. If you have a bedtime snack, make sure it is small and has some of each of these. I use a basic 40-30-30 ratio as a guide. 30% fat, 30% protein, 40% complex carbs (not processed is best, not sugars esp not processed sugar) is best. If you really need a munchie fix, popcorn is actually great. Esp if you air pop it or you make it in the microwave but not that bagged stuff you buy. You can just put 1/4-1/3 c popcorn in a brown paper bag and fold it over and pop it like that if you don't have a microwave popper or air popper. If you add a bit of butter or olive oil, any herbs/spices you like, and an ounce of grated parmesan or cheddar cheese, it is a really awesome snack. Using a healthy oil like olive or grapeseed makes the spices and cheese stick in a healthy way. You can get a mister bottle and spray a light coating on the popcorn easily. The best ones are the ones you pump air into because they make a very fine spray with-o the chemicals and wasted can that you get with PAM, etc...

    When you wake up it is important to eat a breakfast with protein. If you cannot eat much in the morning, you can do what my mom does. She will mix protein powder with grapefruit juice and drink that. She uses about 3-4 ounces of grapefruit juice because she cannot eat much or handle anything sweet first thing in the morning. The protein fuels her body and she doesn't end up munching all morning or dealing with lots of cravings or pigging out at lunch because she is just starving. If you don't get a decent amount of fuel, esp including protein, soon after you get up, your body will not use the calories you eat during the day for fuel. You will end up storing those calories because your body thinks it is starving and will have to go many hours between meals.

    I know you asked about sleep, but eating right and getting protein right after she woke up, before she started her day, really help you get a good night's sleep. Massage can also help you get good sleep. Even if you cannot afford to go get a massage, rub your feet, hands, etc... to help yourself relax. If you can, get someone to gently massage the tops of your ears before you go to bed. Sounds strange, but it is really and truly amazingly relaxing and will help you get good sleep. My stepMIL swears by reflexology and will give father in law a foot massage if he cannot sleep. when he had his heart attack and couldn't sleep afterward, this helped him greatly.
  10. Jabberwockey

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    So far everyone has had pretty good advice. I'm going to ask a question because, from what little was said, you may have sleep apnea. That's when you stop breathing during the night, interrupting your sleep cycle. The reason I'm talking about this is that several of us seem to be overweight, stress is a biggie for this!, and that is the major cause for sleep apnea. So if you're having trouble getting to sleep, please ignore this as it isn't relevant. But if you get a full nights sleep and wake up tired or keep waking up throughout the night then you might want to have yourself tested. Its an overnight stay at a sleep center so you will have to figure out something with the kiddo's. If the problem is sleep apnea you will be prescribed a C-Pap machine. It takes some getting used to but was a life saver for me! Now if I can just get Lil to understand that going to bed at 10:45 when my alarm goes off at 5:40 is NOT getting to bed early!

    Figured I'd throw this in real quick since its relevant. For those of you who are not getting enough sleep and having weight problems, GET MORE SLEEP! Ever watch Deadliest Catch? Its the show about the Alaska crab fishermen. If you're not getting enough sleep and are overweight watch an episode of this. Not for their job but to see how a body deals with little to no sleep. Your body will crave calories if you aren't getting any sleep. These guys are eating meals that in my heyday of eating would make me cringe. They will make a thanksgiving feast look like a snack. And these guys are scrawny! But they are burning the calories with hard work so think about how much sleep you're getting and how it might be affecting your appetite.
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  11. Lil

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    I didn't say it was early. I said it was earlier than usual. :sheepish:
  12. TerryJ2

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    I have no idea how long it takes me to recover. I try to catch up but then it catches up with me again.
    Wish I had more to offer.
    I like the Buddhist stare-at-the-spot idea.
    I had a sleepless night last night. Very stressful afternoon.
    I hear you!
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    If you go for a sleep study, be SURE to ask the prices and if there is a chance that you will need a second night at additional cost. Even with insurance it can be incredibly expensive as are the machines. Our current insurance cost over $1000 for one study. Going in they were told that we could NOT afford a second night, so if they needed something else done they should do it then. Rather than doing this, they sent me home after 4 hours (woke me up at 2 am to send me home, saying they had 'enough data') and then wanted to schedule another night that would cost half again as much to do the testing they didn't do. They then told me that it could have all been done in one night if I had just asked, at which time I had a major fit. Not rude, just demanding to know who to talk to about their cust svc because they WERE told, at time of scheduling, at time of confirmation (2 days before the study) and at the beginning of the study. they made noises about diong it for free but would not put it in writing and after those first noises about how they could maybe do it for the cost of the first night, they suddenly couldn't talk about the cost in any way.

    The cost of a sleep study, or what they charged my ins co, was a number so high it absolutely stunned me. It actually cost more than all the charges for my hysterectomy and I was in the hospital for 2 full days with that! Do NOT let that scare you away, just be SURE you understand the full out of pocket cost before you go. Also call a couple of places and have the give you an idea of the costs. Some places charge even more than the one I went to!
  14. Jabberwockey

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    Thanks for pointing that out Suzie! When I had my sleep study done it was completely covered so it never even occurred. And yes, even with insurance the machines and replacement parts gets a bit pricy but not unreasonably so. We have a plan at work called Cafeteria Plan where you can designate an amount that will be put into an account before tax one check at a time throughout the year. After the first months you can turn in authorized medical receipts such as co-pays for dr visits, medications, medical supplies such as c-pap parts, eye glasses and it will reimburse you. Granted, if you don't spend the money by the end of the year you lose it but we have always bought glasses in December!
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    WOW!!!!!! Lets see if I can respond to everyone!!! Thank you everyone!!!

    MidwestMom, I do need to eat healthier and exercise. I even look at my housework and just say "ehh later".!!! doctors, still havent gone, but I really do have to go no matter. Gpa said he will pay but yet he complains he has no money. Im calling around!

    WipedOut, I know, it does make sense about exercise, Ill give it a try thanks! Glad it helps you!

    Tanya M, it must help, so far all of you agree! Glad it helps you too!

    2much2recover, thanks for giving Tanya M thank link as well as us, its good info to know!

    LucyJ, Oh wow, I have read / watched about Buddist ways, it sounds like something Ill try.

    susiestar,your so lucky your kids were able to get themselves going! I will try your tips and Id love to buy one of those body massage things! Eating at this point is getting harder but I will do what your mom does with the protein drinks! Ill check into that, having no money or Insurance it may have to wait a bit, but I will go in asking them now! Sorry you had a bad experience when you had yours done.

    Jabberwockey, I have trouble staying asleep, getting sleep, getting enough sleep sometimes even falling asleep unless Im so wiped out I fall asleep quicker. When I do get a miracle 4/5 hrs solid, Im still tired. Even with "cat naps: added. I dont believe I have Sleep Apnea, but my dad has it. I didnt really think about the body craving calories to make up for sleep, thats interesting!

    Lil, your right, least you went to bed earlier then usual! Its a start right?

    TerryJ2, hopefully today will be better and you will get some sleep :)

    ****I do have grandpa at night too so taking a sleep aid is out of the question. ( I wanted to take one but forgot I couldnt lol) Oh and yes, I started drinking water yesterday after reading everyone's replies! And Im gonna force myself and make my kids come with me to walk early in the morning..ok daughter probably wont go but Ill try! ( we used to walk when they were little esp my daughter)
  16. SomewhereOutThere

    SomewhereOutThere Well-Known Member

    Confused, you have no income. Why don't you have Medicaid? You don't have to pay to see a doctor and you should know by now that no matter how much you once believed you could count on Grampa, he is never going to come through for you because he is only interested in two things...himself and his own needs. Do not trust his promises...he will break them.

    Start doing things yourself. It makes no sense if you are not on Medicaid. You need to call social services to find out where you can apply and then go and get covered. And do not believe your grandpa, your aunt, sis, dad, cousin, neighbor, friend, enemy or anyone you know in real life that because you don't work you can't get Medicaid. YOU CAN. All you need to prove is that you are at 100% of the poverty line and no income would count as that.

    You probably also qualify for housing. food allowance and welfare payments too and you should get them. You would get them for your grandpa if he needed you to do it. Be at least as good to yourself as you are to grampa. You're going to be around a lot longer than he is and you have two kids who need you to stay healthy. It is so important to be an independent of this little band of DNA as you can be. Doesn't mean you never have to see them, but you need to stand on your own and getting your rightful benefits is a good start. That way you don't have to ask anyone for anything and you'll feel better about yourself.

    I think you can apply online too. If you are not sure how to do it, there are people in the offices where you apply who will be glad to help you. I'm terrible at filling out forms and needed help and got the help. There is also the Dept. of Job Rehabilitation. Great place. There must be one or something like one near you. They help you write resumes, and work with people who have been out of the workforce for a long time. They even get you job interviews and some training skills. All these services are free.

    Start thinking about YOUR future. You have a long future. You need to make it a good future :)
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    In Texas the rules are harder I guess- must be disabled in some way or chronic illness or pregnant. I did just apply at renewal for my kids medicaid/food stamps last month and got denied. Grandpa will pay he claims but I know it will be non stop guilt trip! As far as TANF
  18. InsaneCdn

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    are you doing all this yourself? or is there an advocate somewhere that knows the system?
    You may be answering key questions with the wrong key words...
  19. Confused

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    In Texas the rules are harder I guess- must be disabled in some way or chronic illness or pregnant.I used to have medicaid when I was pregnant 9 years ago. I did just apply at renewal for my kids medicaid/food stamps last month which they got it , but my medicaid application was denied.. Grandpa will pay he claims but I know it will be non stop guilt trip! And frankly money wise I dont think he can afford too. I need the works!! As far as TANF I get Child Support for the kids so no TANF. HUD it would be a while on the waiting list but yes, I qualify Im sure. Theres a clinic up the street but its sliding scale.. I wonder, Im going to go in tomorrow, submit paperwork and see what they say. They do Dental and Gyno! So, I hope so.
  20. Confused

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    Agghh!!! I just knew that sent!! I gotta edit that half post or a mod can you delete number 17?

    Insane, No I filled it out right and have Interviews every 6 months for Food stamps, once a year for the kids medicaid. Im going to try again ( appeal) The least they can say is no again. I know , on the internet when I fill it out it shows I have lived at my house different years! Really? Havent moved since I applied for food stamps all those years ago! Wacky computers!