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    Hi! Haven't gotten very far studying the glycemic index stuff (the kids were off all last week and difficult child 1 has been in such a state at school that I've been "on call" to come and get him EVERY day - you guys don't EVEN want to go there! lol).

    BUT: I've been reading all of the threads, trying to get up to date on the "way of life (I know that "diet" is sort of a psychological curse word)" in order for me to lose my 10 or 70 pounds. One thing that I've been noticing is all of you saying that you're no longer using artificial sweeteners.

    Has something come out that they're keeping you from losing weight? I drink 5-6 cups of coffee a day with 2 sweet-n-lows and 1/2 & 1/2. Then I drink 2 or 3 caffeine free diet cokes a day.

    If I'm insulin resistant because of the sweet n low, I'll be tap-tap-tapping my toes!


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    There has been a study published recently that suggests artificial sweeteners trick your body into expecting a sugar rush because of the sweet flavour, which then prompts you to eat more, to satisfy the sugar craving set up by the sweetener.

    However, it's only one study and others have refuted it.

    My husband's bariatric doctor has included caffeine free diet pop as a free choice in the diet program. His diets are designed to retrain your body out of insulin resistance. I am slightly insulin resistent as well, and have never had an issue with using artificial sweeteners.

    I don't know a lot about the science of it. I'm just speaking from personal experience.

    I hope that artificial sweeteners are okay. (I'd be miffed if I had to give up pop entirely)
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    I'm still using artificial sweeteners - I use Splenda in my iced coffee. What I've found with sweeteners - they actually help me wean off sugar. After substituting sweeteners for sugar, if I go back to having sugar I find it tastes too sweet so I use less. So then I use less sweetener, and next time I'm caught without sweeteners, I have less sugar again, and so on.

    Since going on this diet I've not dared use any sugar if I'm caught without Splenda. I accidentally used too much Splenda in my iced coffee a few days ago, and so I'm cutting back on it and finding I'm still enjoying my coffee.

    The iced coffee I'm drinking is Greek-style (frappe) - mostly water, with very strong coffee and a splash only of skim milk. I shake it all up and it froths (just from the coffee) and I drink it with a straw. I make about 500 ml at a time, because it's decaf coffee and mostly water, it keeps my fluid intake up.

    difficult child 3 is permitted to drink cola, but only decaf. The only one we have available is artificially sweetened. He NEEDS the calories, but can only drink the lo-cal stuff because that's all there is. He doesn't seem to have any problems - certainly doesn't seem to have sugar cravings.

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    I'm also another one who uses SPLENDA. (I don't like the after taste left by the others.) I've been using it for at least three years now and haven't experienced sugar cravings. In fact, I think I would definitely be a few pounds heavier if I used sugar!!!

    Banish the word "diet" from your vocabulary!!! Think in terms of a healthy lifestyle instead. I know it sounds ridiculous, but doing this has helped me stay on track. As I always say, healthy eating has to be a permanent lifestyle sort of thing - I don't believe that in the long run diets work. However, this is just my thoughts on this subject. And, believe me, I could go on and on and on like the energizer bunny discussing this!!! I have to stop now - Too many things are happening in my house this afternoon.

    Anyway, I'm glad you're here. You can do this!!! WFEN
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    I also use Splenda. And I don't eat more because of it.

    Although I can see where researchers might get that idea from though. I've seen so many people at restaurants order these huge meals and then order a diet drink and I think to myself What was the point?? lol

    I grew up with artificial sweetner in my iced tea. Switched to Splenda when it came out and loved it. by the way there is a generic of splenda that is JUST the same and about 3 bucks cheaper. I also found though that it helped me kick the sugar habit. And since I'm one who always liked a little coffee with my sugar in the morning....that was a GOOD thing. lmao
  6. Fran

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    Splenda user here!
    I don't like sugared soda's. They taste too sweet to me. Sort of like how whole milk tastes too thick to me even though I grew up on it.
    Daisy, I'm one of those people who will eat Creme Brulee and use splenda in her coffee. Habit I guess.
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    I have switched to the concept of healthy eating instead of "dieting."
    I am still using sweet n low. UGH.
    I'm not in love with Splenda.
    However, I am trying to cut back on sweet n low.
    I only have two coffees a day and one diet drink. I drink Diet Rite. Not sure what sweetner is in there...might be Splenda.
    I have read that study and I DO think there is something to it!!!! Yep, for weight loss purposes and general good health purposes ('cause we all KNOW this stuff isn't good for us), I'm going to cut back.
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    I use Splenda as well, and ever since I switched I find that things with sugar just taste wrong. Splenda is very sweet, but it doesn't have the syrupy-ness of sugar, so drinks especially are less thick and gloopy.

    I think that, like everything else, there are so many factors involved that one study on a limited number of people will never tell the whole story.
  9. Marguerite

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    One thing I've found with Splenda and my low-carb diet in general - no sour taste in my mouth.

    Have you ever noticed how about ten minutes after you have something high carb or sugary, you get a sour taste in your mouth? It's a combination of your salivary enzymes and bacteria, digesting the carbs. I'm finding that if I **** a diabetic sweet (made with Isomalt) or after I've had my frappe using Splenda, I don't get that taste.

    Isomalt is great, as far as taste goes. But you have to be very careful to not have much because it causes diarrhoea if you eat more than a couple of sweets. It's still sugar, but a mirror image molecule which your taste buds recognise but which can't pass through your stomach and get used by your body. Your saliva enzymes don't recognise it and neither do any bacteria in your mouth. As a result, it goes through your stomach, into your small intestine, but chemically it's still sugar and needs to be diluted to a certain low concentration, or it will **** water back from your body into your small intestine (osmosis). Hence the diarrhoea. It's the GI tract equivalent of what happens in the kidneys of uncontrolled diabetics - all that sugar not allowing water to be absorbed, and hence a lot more fluid being passed than would otherwise happen.

    I do agree with the principle of eating healthy, instead of calling it a diet; I just happen to be on a DIET (as distinct from eating healthy!) because of doctors' orders. I hate it, but I can do it. I just don't like what happens in general when you diet. I'm hoping it's not happening now - that slowed metabolism which just makes the next diet that much harder.

    When you think about it, it's scary just how much industry has been developed, all with the aim of helping us stuff ourselves but still shed kilos. It somehow seems immoral, in a world where over half the population are starving.

    OK, I can think that - but I still will use Splenda!

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    I use Splenda and don't find I crave sugar. But then again, my issues were never with "sweets".