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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DDD, Sep 6, 2011.

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    I've watched a couple of shows this week about 9/11. Like everyone else I was glued to the TV during the unfolding of the tragedy. There are a couple of things I've never heard more about after the actual coverage. Last night I watched "children of 9/11" and that made me wonder again. Wasn't there a day care center in the towers? I'm sure I recall there was but I've never read about the children's safety. I assume they were evacuated quickly but I've never actually heard. From a human interest perspective I'd like to know. I've also never read or heard how many spectators perished. I know this isn't an "up" subject but I'm curious. Does anyone know?

    Also on the program I watched last night one of the children (now adult) lost his Mom at the Pentagon site. They noted that he never received any compensation. Other featured children were compensated.What were the rules that were used. The child who was not compensated was evidently left parentless and from a lower socio-economic group was taken in by relatives in the South. Left me curious whether there was a difference between Tower deaths and Pentagon deaths or if filing was complicated and so some survivors were left without. DDD
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    I was asking myself the same question about the daycare. I'm not sure if they were able to get all the kids out or not........but I have noticed they seem to not want to touch on that subject so far.
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    This is the final official report by the Justice Department. The info and statistics are in there, though no personal stories. It could be that minors who were taken in by family were indirectly compensated via funds going to the caregivers to cover the cost their care. It also looks like all those eligible did not file claims. It's interesting, long, but interesting. Here's another link:
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    Thanks, H&R. I'm too tired tonight but I'll pull it up tomorrow. Maybe that will answer some of my questions. DDD
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    I watched that too DDD. He said because he moved away he was not compensated but that can't be the reason because that other family with the three girls moved back to Arkansas to be close to her family a year after.

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    If I'm not mistaken, the child care was in tower 2, which was evacuated first, when the first plane hit and no one went back in. The 1st tower started the evac, but then went back in. I think more people died in tower 1 because they were told to go back in, but then 2nd plane hit.

    I could be wrong, so don't throw your PCs at me. I have not heard of any children in the daycare children dying in 9/11.
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    I think Loth is correct. I remember hearing about the daycare workers walking the children out. Some office workers placed their jackets over the kids as the towers fell to protect them from the smoke and soot. A nearby grocery store let them use carts to push the children as they (slowly) walked out from Lower Manhatten.
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    Nancy my thoughts were that the girl's Mom was a widow and therefore easily identified...probably her husband worked for a corporation that would have walked her through the process or she was educated enough to know how to seek out the compensation. on the other hand the boy (and his smaller brother if I remember correctly) had no local family and likely were taken in by their Alabama relatives pdq. Perhaps because of that they were "out of the loop".

    I did find the program interesting. Actually I had never thought of the children being identified for years as "9/11 kids" by their peers etc. I also didn't know that seventeen of the fatalities were of Muslim descent. Geez that must have been a terrible circumstance to live through. DDD
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    by the way, do I remember correctly that we had a CD family member whose husband worked for that large company that had multiple floors (insurance or stock brokerage). Seems like the name included the name "Kanter". Was't her husband one of the victims too? DDD
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    I just scan read the lengthly final report. Evidently children were grouped or would have been grouped in the 25 or younger categories. In the breakdown of claims by State I saw one from Alabama. Somehow I doubt it was from that boy's family but it could have been. OK, no more from me. I'm off to work. DDD
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    OK, now I know. Eight children died as passengers in the planes. All of the daycare children were saved because the teachers each took ten apiece and started briskly walking away. They ended up five miles from the WTC and none of them were injured. Once I get something in my head it is a relief to clear it out. DDD