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    I need advise from all you experts. difficult child has his first appointment today with the therapist that will do the neuropsychologist evaluation. I believe today is just to talk, then decide what tests will be done.

    Insurance. As I stated before they cover depending on WHAT the diagnosis is.
    Covers ADD, ADHD, Autism...Not spectrum such as AS. Does not cover if it is a Learning disability.

    Now with my appointment he mentioned executive functions not being there. Isn't that a Learning disability? Now I am afraid to go through with this testing due to the outcome.

    What if I inform him of what the insurance covers. (and tell him he won't get paid otherwise ...just kidding) If multiple diagnosis's the insurance goes by the first diagnosis listed.

    Can someone explain the difference between learning disabilities and other disabilities such as ADD.
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    "If multiple diagnosis's the insurance goes by the first diagnosis listed."

    Then you make sure that when he writes the report, he lists the diagnosis's in the order of ones the company will pay, first.

    I think you do need to tell the neuropsychologist about the restrictions, at least before he writes the report.

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    Be SURE to tell him what insurance wants to hear. If he is listing diagnosis's, then the first one should be what the ins co will cover. Most tdocs and psychiatrists are used to this insurance juggling act, and often we have had to submit claims multiple times to get them paid. Just let him know. Go ahead with the testing, I think your son really NEEDS it.