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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by slsh, Jan 8, 2013.

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    Surgery went well on the 2nd. I was hoping they wouldn't have to do the osteotomy (cutting of bone to reposition one of the ligaments that holds the knee cap in place) but ... Murphy rules. She has been an *extraordinary* trooper. As strong-willed as she is, she is handling being totally dependent on me very very well. So far, so good - knock wood.

    Cast is from top of thigh to toes. She is not allowed near a tub or shower, so that took care of that issue. Years of living with- Boo has made us very creative and we've got a decent routine down to keep her clean, plus some equipment we have for him has come in handy.

    Pain is minimal for the most part. Cast should come off in 5 weeks, then brace with- still no weight bearing as she starts PT.

    Wish I had FB so I could share the video of her in recovery. I walked in and she was talking a mile a minute. I have to wonder if they actually sedated her, LOL. She was just going on and on and on and on. Very pleasant and social. It was hysterical.

    She's keeping me very busy, plus husband continues to struggle. I'm thinking a long vacation somewhere warm with *lots* of umbrella drinks is going to be in order around March 1!!! :beach:

    I think of you guys - hope 2013 is off to a decent start for you all. May it bring you more good than bad.

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    Sue, glad to hear such a positive update. It is great that Diva is handling things so well!!!
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    I'm glad surgery went well and Diva is being a trooper. I hope her recovery goes smoothly and the time just flies by.
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    So glad to hear that Diva's surgery went well and that she is handling the recovery well so far.
    Sending many healing vibes her way.
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    They always surprise us! I'm glad she is doing and and handling this well and that you crossed the hurdles well too. I know when we had to go through all the orthopedic surgeries years ago with Ms. Queen it was nerve racking as well. She did have several bone cuts to her feet. Her knee not as she was born with out the knee cap.