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    I was channel surfing waiting for the season finale of Drop Dead Diva and came across Rainman. Tigger was fascinated. I think we may watch the whole movie tomorrow to see what he thinks. He did get that Raymond was autistic like he is.
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    That's great! In our experience Tigger's just about the right age for a kid with HF Autism to accept his/her diagnosis. I think Eeyore and Piglet would benefit as well but only you can make a call about Kanga. She almost certainly has Aspie traits as well although these are probably masked by her other problems.

    It was about this time that both difficult child 1 & difficult child 3 did accept their diagnosis. In fact we think they accepted with a sense of relief because it explained the otherwise inexplicable. They started actively watching the TV whenever the word autism was mentioned. We would frequently miss a lot of the item (if it was something like the news) answering questions about what was happening on the screen.

    By all means watch medical and science shows dealing with autism, preferably recordings, so you can stop and go over things when (not if) you have to. Watch films like Rain Man, Gilbert Grape and, of course, Black Balloon with them.

    You can get some great connections discussing how the characters in the movies are similar AND different to your kids. No one on the spectrum is the same as someone else, revel in the differences and get your kids to as well.

    Encourage them to value those differences.

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