Randy Travis. What a tragedy


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I know everyone has heard about what is going on with him and maybe you guys will say he deserves it because he is a star but I dont think that way. He is local for us here. He was born and raised not far from here and his family still has a family farm. I have no clue why they wont drag him back to his Daddy's farm and get him well instead of letting him continue to be the butt of every late night TV hosts jokes. This was and is a good man. He has a problem.

I dont know how many of you know that I go to a singer/songwriters convention every year but it is one of my truly treasured activities that I wont miss. There are 3 to 4 country music songwriters who get up on a small stage and sing with just a mic and a guitar. There is seating for maybe 200. So its an intimate evening out. Its a cross between music and comedy really and over the years you really do get to know some of the songwriters who come back year after year. Does anyone know Billy Currington's song "Must be doing Something Right"? Well, one of the songwriters that comes year after year wrote that. His name is Jason Matthews. I adore him. He writes some great songs and I have several of his CD's. He has a webpage, FB page etc. Anyway....he was asked by Randy Travis several months probably a year ago to write this song about sobriety...oddly. Jason sang it for us at the concert at the beginning of August. I swear I was crying listening to Jason sing it so Jason really just looked that this blob singing these words. Almost an angelic figure that should be transported right in front of Randy to make him think about having this song written for him...and now he has to rethink his life again.

This is an excellent song for all those in recovery, trying to find recovery and those watching anyone who needs recovery. I am putting up the link to Randy singing the song because I cant find a download to Jason singing it.


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Randy Travis has always been one of my favorites, Janet. I'm heartbroken and shocked to see what is happening. If people are making him the butt of jokes on late night, I'm glad I'm sleeping already, because this is a tragedy unfolding in front of us, and there should be more compassion.
When my kids were little, there was a great animated show called "Hey Arnold" about a multicultural boarding house in lower Manhattan, and everyone was eccentric but really great. One of the characters was Asian, and he spoke with a really thick accent UNTIL he got in the shower. Then, he sang like a country western singer and you guessed it, it was Randy Travis's voice. We used to fall over laughing. That's how we discovered Randy Travis.
He looks terrible now, it's scary and so sad.


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I saw Randy in concert years ago and believe it or not, I've been in his house- well one he used to own and live in, in the 90's. I'd heard that he met his manager back then (the woman who was also his SO) while in jail at 17yo. I haven't kept up with what's going on- whether those are rumors or not- in years but I can's help but wonder what has happened in his personal life that might have contributed to this. I don't even know if that woman is still with him or if maybe he got depressed about aging out a little, career-wise.


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Another here that thinks this situation with Randy Travis is tragic. He seems like such a genuinely "good guy"...sigh, minus his alcoholism if that's what it is. But isn't that the way it is with addiction...it covers up and/or can even destroy the beautiful person underneath it all. So sad.



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We have so many country singers from the south...well I guess that is obvious...lol...but NC has many. I remember the first time I saw where Randy was born and raised. It is something that the town is so proud of. Actually, Witz lives pretty close to there now. I truly think if his managers would just get him back to the farm in NC they could surround him with the help he needs to get well. I know his fans here would all pull together to support him even if that meant doing 8 hour shifts to keep him safe from himself.

One of my favorite memories from American Idol was when Randy sang his duet with Carrie Underwood. I imagine she is heartbroken for him.


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You are not going to believe this. I am working with my friend, Jason Matthews to put together a music video about Randy Travis's life with that above song only with Jason singing it and Jason is going to get it to him!!!!! Can you believe it? How cool is that? Boy its nice to know folks in the music biz...lol