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Well, even though we have insurance through my job and my husband and I both work full time, our son became eligible for Medicaid as a back up insurance.

I'd call the local Child protective services or Medicaid office and explain your child's diagnoses. In IA, since our child's diagnoses make us eligible for respite care from the state (only 1 day a month, but as long as we use it he gets to have Medicaid). See if there isn't a way to get your child declared disabled (supplemental security income is another avenue to explore, call Social Security) so they will put them on Medicaid.

You could also try calling an attorney to see if they can help you either get Medicaid or get the insurance company to extend the benefits. Some times they will do pro-bono work.


I've been down this road but not in Mn and it varies from state to state. But I can give you a bunch of places to ask. Make as many calls in a day as you can within your schedule and emotional limits. DON'T give up. I promise you that there is a way to pay for this out there!

First be sure that none of the state programs will cover you. Read all the rules here:

2. Call the hospital billing dept and ask for a list of charities, public programs, etc that might help you. Also ask if they have a "subsidy" or "charity care" program within the hospital that you might qualify for. I believe that any hospital that takes Medicaid funds has to have something. But many go above and beyond and do their own fundraising for these kinds of situations.

3. Call your local or state capital NAMI. Ask them what programs, charities, etc they know of.

4. Call the SW dept at the hospital and ask what programs, funds, etc they know of. Then call the SW for the specific program your son will be going into.

5. When all else fails call the hospital billing dept again and ask what kinds of payment plans you can work out with them.

6. Remember that a significant medical bill is likely to create a tax deduction on your tax return.

Some more places to try:

Obviously this is for children of farmers but I'm putting it here only so you get the idea that you never know where funds will come from.


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the other option is to see if they will flex whatever inpatient days you have left for the day treatment. Like give 2 day treatment in the place of 1 inpatient. We do that all the time with our patients. You are really blessed with what you have, though, as most people have far less(most employers feel mental health coverage is non necessary and will either not offer at all, or give the very minimum they can).
Call the mental health carrier and ask for a case manager, in my role that is what I do as noted above. BLUE
My son was just admitted inpatient for 9 days, on the 2nd day he was in there I received a call from the business office stating my insurance will only pay 5,000.00 (cap) on mental health!!!! The lady informed me that this will more than likely be "burned" up the first few days of his stay then after that I will be charged a "self-pay" rate of 1248.00 per day not including fees for docs... He just got out today after a 9 day stay. This was the first time we have seeked help for our son. He was discharged with a diagnosis of Mood Disorder / Conduct Disorder. My fear is the bill that will soon be in my mailbox. I'm so angry with my insurance co. I could scream! How much help can 5000.00 get you these days??!!!
I don't know what we are going to do, I do work full-time & so does husband but we are strapped with bills!
Does anyone know if there is help out there for us working families trying to help our children with mental health issues???



See my post above. There is help in the form of charity care at hospitals, your county/ state mental health agency, etc.

It's unlikely that they'll let you keep any savings other than retirement plans. They'll want you to pay that to bills first. Then they'll kick in the charity care. You'll have a lot of forms to fill out but it's worth it.


KFrank... sorry I missed this on your original post but you said dex has legal obligation to provide insur per divorce decree and is currently on disability. presumably per divorce decree you are only liable for half of actual expenses. Make sure the hospital knows to go after him for half!

Also find out what kind of medication insur he has on this disability he's collecting. eg is it federal social security disability? That would give him either medicaid or medicare depending on which plan he's collecting under. Call whatever he has and find out if your son can get on it too.