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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Sloo from Mizzou, Jan 28, 2010.

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    Hi, I used to read this all the time when my kids were first diagnosis. (2001 or so). I am back and registered this time. I don't think I ever posted before.

    I frequently wonder what life will be like when oldest goes off to college (2.5 more years)....even though she is not my "major" difficult child, the interactions between the two of them is out of this world. I wonder if my younger difficult child will improve drastically without having to deal with his over-reactive older sister who frequently calls him names and puts him down.

    I also hope that she will blossom when away from the "craziness" of this family. She is very bright and musically talented (singer and guitar)...but I have always thought she showed little empathy to others...especially her brother.

    Despite all the ways she tears him down, he worships the ground she walks on (when she is not tormenting him).

    I don't mean to make her sound like an evil psychopath, really she is just tired of his tantrums, physical threats, and the fact that she feels she can't bring her friends home. I am sure siblings of difficult children can relate.

    What do ya'll know of respite care....where do you find it...what does it cost.... ??

    Also, how do you know when you should take your child to an impatient facility (and where to take them)?
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    Hi, I'm tired and don't have the answers you're looking for - well, I do, but can't articulate them at the moment. But, I wanted to welcome you to the board.

    LOVE your avatar. :rofl:

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