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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by kwatts2220, Oct 15, 2012.

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    Hello I am a mom of a child diagnosed with ADHD. He currently takes Concerta 27 mg and I find him gradually become more aggressive everyday. When he was on Ritalin I very, very rarely had an issue with aggression with him. I am doing everything that his doctor and neurologist are telling me to do but to no avail. Ive cried many days and feel like a failure to my son though I will never give up on him. In talking with friends is similar situations, I am starting to feel that the Concerta is making my son more aggressive and I am worried about him seriously hurting himself or others. Any thoughts and suggestions regarding other medications will be gratefully appreciated. He was referred to pysch but cant get an appointment until November.
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    Hello and welcome! I broke your post out into its own thread so that you will get better responses than if it is tacked onto the bottom of an old thread.
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    Hi Kwatts, Welcome. There are likely others who will come along to respond to your inquiry, however, you've responded to a very old post, dating back 5 years. You may want to start your own thread to be sure you receive the maximum responses. It's also helpful to put info at the bottom like you see others have done, so folks have as much info as possible to be able to support you in the best possible way. Hang in there, there are many caring and wise parents here who have a wealth of information.
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    Could you give us more info?

    Concerta at 27mg is NOT a high dose... unless we're talking about a kid who doesn't tip the scales at 50 lbs even when sopping wet...

    How old is your son...
    For many kids, transitioning between Ritalin and Concerta is seamless... but not ALL kids. Yours may be an exception. (mine had a tougher time with generic methylphenidate than with Concerta! - there are subtle differences between formularies)

    What was he like as a toddler? early school?

    If he's somewhere in the grade 2/3/4/5 age group and becoming more frustrated, angry, etc. - it wouldn't be unusual. Missed dxes often show up in that timeframe. As school work gets harder, the gap between what they can do and what the teachers expect grows... and the attitudes of the other students toward them grows worse.
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    Who diagnosed your son? Who has been prescribing the medications? Why did they take him off the Ritalin if it was working? It "could" be the Concerta causing the aggression. Some kids have that problem where certain medications (different for each child) actually do that. My son ended up in the psychiatric hospital a year ago because of this kind of reaction to a medication.

    Welcome to our "family" and {{{{HUGS}}}} to you.
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    My son Tigger cannot take any of the stims. He becomes aggressive on all of them. If the Ritalin worked, why did the psychiatrist switch to Concerta?