Real estate weirdness *Update*


Crazy Cat Lady
So, I get a call today from a lovely lady in a lake town about 30 miles from here who is VERY interested in buying my trailer and moving it to that town to use it as a summer home.

Now, with a little fixing up, it would make a lovely vacation home. So, I describe the work it needs and she's fine with that.

She calls back a couple of times for more information and then says she'll call back in a day or two once she knows her schedule so she can schedule a showing.

Sounds good to me. So, since, I don't know what I have to do with my lot rental contract in a case where the trailer is being moved off the lot, I call the property manager to ask.

He has a fit. I'm thinking, "Wait a minute. It's MY trailer. If I want to sell it to someone who wants to move it, why is that such a big deal?"

He says. "We can't have an empty lot in the park!" If she makes a solid offer; I'll have to talk to the property owners so they can prepare a counter offer. I mean, we're not in the business of buying and selling trailers, but we can't have empty lots in the park it looks like sh##!"

So, the upshot is, IF this woman follows through on looking the place and makes a firm offer, the place is sold one way or the other, most likely to the park owners. WHEN I move is iffy. I hope they'll give me 30 days to get out.

I'll get asking price less whatever lot rent for the time I wind up staying less a water surcharge for going over water allowance (letting taps run this winter during a cold snap, which I didn't do because I have heat tapes) less pro-rated taxes. It'll be a few grand. Better than nothing. Most likely, the park will fix it up some and re-sell it for a few grand more.

If the park buys it, I outright REFUSE to put a roof on it at the price I'm asking for it.

Meanwhile, Thomas has been enjoying the heck out of showings as he is getting admired by all sorts of people who are following the inevitable "Ooooooh! What a gorgeous BIG cat! Is he friendly?" WIth scratching all over his body until he turns into a purring puddle of orange, hairy mush.

Squeaky on the other hand has gotten to the point of not bolting under the bed as soon as guests walk into the bedroom, but has hissed at a few people. She's not mean, just shy of strangers. Pity as she's really an extremely affectionate little girl, just takes her a good , long time to warm up to people.


Crazy Cat Lady
IC, the last time I sold a property, I used a realtor and all I had to do was make sure the place was spotless, contain the cats, and get the heck out of dodge for showings and open houses.

This is the first time I've sold a property myself.

Add in that selling an old trailer cheap draws what I can politely call an "interesting" crowd, and it's been quite the experience.

The latest being a lady who left a msg saying she will call back tonight. She is interested in the place as a wedding present for her son and daughter in law to be.

Personally, knowing what I know (and I plan on disclosing to any buyer), I'd be furious with anyone who saddled me with this place.


Crazy Cat Lady
As if the "wedding gift" lady wasn't enough, we now have the mom-of-Difficult Child lady who is desperate to get her 23 year old, addicted to WoW, wants nothing more than to live in mom's basement, son out of the house.

So much so, that she is interested in buying the place, fixing it up, paying the lot rent and taxes, and moving said Difficult Child son into it.

Needless to say, I refrained from telling her that would be a HUGE mistake...I did make sure to tell her the trailer is both cable internet and wi-fi ready.