Reality = breakdown in the dressing room

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    I've been doing WW for a couple of months now. I lose, then I gain, then I lose, then I gain. I can't seem (or didt really care enough) to stick with it 100% so I haven't been very successful. In fact, although I'm not gaining, I can't fit into anything anymore.

    So, today I went to Victoria Secrets to get myself a couple of much needed bras. I went up a size, not cup mind you, but the number size - that in and of itself is depressing, but I can deal. The salesgirl (all 6' of her skinny behind with flowing gorgeous blond curls) hands me a basket with all different bras in my size and escorts me to a dressing room. As soon as I was undressed, I was so focused on that gelatinous wiggly hanging over my pants middle, that I couldn't focus on the shape and fit of all the bras I tried on. I chose one, paid and left in shame. I cried for 20 minutes in my car.

    I am not fat. *Technically* am still in my weigh range for my height, perhaps over by aout 5 lbs. But I am so out of shape. And I haven't been able to kick start by behind into gear. I am not a morning person and by the time I get out of work, it's pitch black outside. My house is too nuts to do an exercise dvd at home, and with H lingering around, he'd be too annoying. And he mocks my efforts sometimes. I can't afford a gym - all the ones around my house are $90+ a month.

    I was thinking of maybe Jazzercise. I have to check it out.

    I am so disheartened and all I can think of is what our counselor said "When it hurts enough, you will change what you're doing". I think I'm there.
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    I love Jazzercize! I say go for it!
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    I'm sorry that you are feeling so down. I've definitely been there before. Jazzercise sounds like it would be fun! Sending gentle hugs your way.
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    That store is very intimidating, I start sweating in there. Everything looks like you have to be a model to even try it on. And, do not compare yourself to those teen girls that work there! They're just kids. Did you get a pretty bra? I hope so. You need a routine that is going to make you huffing and puffing and dripping sweat. You'll feel like a million dollars when you're finished. Open up your front door and start running, in 10 minutes you'll be sweating, in 20 you'll be drenched. Start at 20- run, walk....then build up in a few weeks to mostly running, and increase your time. THEN- You go back into Victorias Secret and buy another bra. That can be your motivation, your reward.....give yourself a reward every x amount of time. I swear, you'll never have that bad experiece in there again. 5 pounds, that won't take long once you have the right motivation. You can do it!!!
  5. hearts and roses

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    Yes, upallnight, VS can be an intimidating place. Every time I see a sassy, young, perfectly shaped young woman, I just want to smash her face. I know that's horrible!!!! And of course, I would never do such a thing and within a few seconds, my thoughts are, "OMG, I can't believe I thought that!!!!" Ugh, that feeling is even more nauseating than my original feeling, hahaha.

    Today is a new day and I am back on track. I had a healthful breakfast, drank some green tea mid-morning. When I went food shopping yesterday, I bought a lot of veggies so I can get back on my healthier cooking and eating. I have to remind myself that I am making GOOD healthy food to feed all the parts of my body...not to only lose weight. easy child will complain, she is such a pita about the foods we eat anyway, but I have to remind myself that she is 22 and if she doesn't like what I make, she can make her own food, right?

    I should add here that we already do eat healthy, organic foods most of the time. Rarely do I pig out on chips and dip or cakes and cookies, etc. I mean, I am a healthy eater. I've just become lazy about MOVING.

    So I've made a promise to myself to go for a fast paced walk every evening. Gradually, I will increase my speed and run intermittently. I cannot do long runs as my knees are awful. But as I build up my stamina, I think I will then be ready for something like Jazzercise.

    You're right, being able to confidently walk into VS and buy the bras or panties I want - ones that flatter me - is a great motivation. So is fitting back into my size 8 jeans comfortably instead of feeling like a stuffed sausage like I do now. Ew.

    Thanks for the positive feedback!
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    before I read your reply, I was going to suggest to you the same thing I suggested to Trinity. Go outside and walk. I live in the city and we have tons of walkers after 6 and even before 6am. When I leave for the gym at 5:45 in the dark, folks are walking.

    I'm glad you have woken to a better day! Just start out a few times a week. I know you will feel much more alive and better about yourself!

  7. SearchingForRainbows

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    I'm happy yesterday was a good day for you.:D I think you have a great plan!!! There is nothing like fresh air to clear your mind and walking is a wonderful way to lose weight and get into shape.:D When you're ready, Jazzercise sounds like fun.

    And, like Alyssa, I think it is a good idea to reward all your hard work by doing something special for yourself. I love the idea of going back to VS and buying yourself something nice.

    Keep posting here. Let us know how you're doing. Hoping your day is off to a healthy start... Hugs... SFR
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    I have started walking, because of the Dog! So I am forced to. But I am not a runner, i have had ankle surgery and it is just too much.
    The walking is wonderful. I started with about 1/2 an hour. Not as fast, now after only 2 weeks tomorrow I am going 1 hour and it feels great!
    What I am adding is these short sprints (for me! LOL) But I feel it. Fast walk, sprint, fast walk until I recover a bit and sprint.
    I only do it until it is too much and then I walk the rest.
    I have my music and I try to just enjoy myself and let it all go.
    Things are still horrible for me, but for that short time, my mind is CLEAR.

    I am a good weight, I fit into my jeans, but I am the same when I look into the mirror I can tone up I have the muffin top!
    I have the rolls on my belly. I would not want to come out of that dressing room naked or in just that bra! NOWAY
    I have lost a good deal of weight but it is the toning up that is the hardest. I loved jazzersize also. I did it through the YMCA when I used to do it, it was a blast.

    Good luck no matter what you do!