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Okay. So supposedly daughter has been in some sort of clinic for children/young adults that suffer severe depression/other mental disorders since Thanksgiving. I get a text message from her BFF - about a week ago that daughter passed out and had to be transported to the hospital. Then BFF tells me she had to borrow the money from her Grandmother to pay for her visit to the ER. Hospital wants cash because she has no insurance-but the clinic has had her there close to a month with no payment or insurance ? (I call BS).

Friday BFF texts me she has the invoice receipt from the ER for me to pay back Gran. $786.00...and she needs to buy her fuel for the winter (insert tiny violins). I tell her to send me a photo of the receipt. It's clearly been copied from the many you can find online. It doesn't even have the hospital logo which has a building on it just the name in bold lettering. Here's the topper and proof that EVERYTHING I HEAR IS A BOLD-FACED LIE !!!!! It included a VAT tax of 8.25% (not filled in). The USA does not use VAT tax it uses Sales tax of which is set by the state that the service or sale was done. The State she lives in is still 6%.

I figure the need for Christmas goodies is tugging at my purse-strings...however, the strings have been severed. In fact due to the sliced artery of cash-flow (they've stolen from us for close to a year) ...our own Christmas at home is restricted to Christmas movies on tv and good foods baked and cooked by me. NO gifts this year-I will wait for the after holiday if I have anything leftover. I am still waiting for the go-ahead on the move to the new state we are moving to; it's been pushed back 3 months. I need to hold onto the cash we have for moving purposes.

My husband says just ignore, ignore, ignore. He said don't argue with or even engage with any of them.

My backbone is still pretty fragile but it's getting stronger every day.


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Ugh. I know this is frustrating. My first thought is to get out of the middle between BFF and your daughter. Thank BFF for letting you know and responding with the "receipt," and leave it at that. If BFF contacts you again, tell her you appreciate her concern but if your daughter needs something, she'll need to contact you directly. If daughter owes BFF money, that's beteen them, nothing to do with you.

Honestly I wouldn't even call out the lie, because there will inevitably be some excuse. I have learned that the hard way -- it is absolutely exhausting to constantly try to prove a lie, when they aren't going to admit it even when the truth is proven. It's wasted energy.

So basically what your husband said :)