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    I was just wondering if anyone else had tried Reiki to help them feel better? It seems I'm not the only one going through some rough stuff at the moment, which is why I ask.

    Last week I saw my therapist who was concerned I was going to have a melt-down, and the same day I saw my psychiatrist who asked me if I needed to be committed... (yeah... really bad day last week...) Anywho, at the end of the week, I got a Reiki session and got my energies 're-aligned' and I've been feeling better then ever. The depression isn't so bad, I find myself laughing and smiling again, and I have more energy. I even walked out of there without any pain in my body! I've been sleeping better, relaxing more, and just over-all, enjoying life more.

    It was just a suggestion that worked for me, and I figured I would pass it along. If you've tried it, have you had any luck with it? Any results?

    For more information on Reiki, Here's a link. What Is Reiki?
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    If you're a "touch-lover", then any form of massage, really, can make a huge difference.
    If you hate to be touched, especially by strangers, it doesn't work so well... although I know people who are this way, who can still enjoy a good foot massage.
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    I believe that RM (rejectedmom) does Reiki.
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    Yes, Heather is correct. I am a Reiki master in several different types of Reiki traditions. I have been since 2007. My clients say it helps them alot. Many massage therapists use it along with their traditional Massage techniques. My Clients say that Reiki's effects last longer than traditional massage. I went to a Reiki school and took private classes. It took me a year to reach master I do not believe in learning on one's own or over the internet. I think that practice has made many people say they are Reiki who have little real knowledge of the process. Believe me you know the real deal when you have it. As for me personally, I sought it out when I was suffering health problems due to stress. I think it did save me when I was going through the worst with my difficult child#2. Many hospitals now incorporate it into their therapy programs as do many psycotherapists. NIH (National Institute of Health) did some studies and determined that it can be a benificial complimentary aid in healing but should not be used instead of traditional medicine only in addition.
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    Thanks, RM. Interesting.
    I do regular massage and it helps immensely. I carry my stress in my neck and lower back and it's not pretty. I went yesterday and felt a bit like I'd been beaten up.:imok: But in a good way.:likeit:
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    My older brother is a Reiki master as well, RM. I had several treatments with him ~ it makes me crazy at first each time (can't explain it better than that) then all settles down.

    Big Bro is in town this weekend & coming over to do a treatment & visit.
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    This is one of those things I'd have to try before I could judge. It "appears" awfully subjective, in that power of suggestion can play a large role here. But then, so what if it is as long as it works? Power of suggestion can be a good thing.

    It would probably drive me to hit someone, but then, I don't do well with massage either. I am NOT a touchy feely sort of person.
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    That's the thing about Reiki, it can be hands on or hands off. I prefer hands on, where as some people do not. I've had both, and it seems more beneficial to me to do the hands on.
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    I think there are a lot of natural/alternative methods of healing that can help people. Part of it is believing it will work and part of it just is. Reiki didn't help me as much as some other things, but I know people who were greatly helped by it.
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    yes Reiki can be with or without touch.
    I liken it alot to prayer. There is a form of energy that we direct through prayer. Reiki is like that. We direct energy is at that part of the person which needs it bringing it to a balanced state. It is a simplification but you get he drift.