Remember Alabama in your prayers


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Remember the victims families and all the people how have lost so much in your prayers.

I don't know what is getting out in the news for everyone, but our local news is heartbreaking!

Our community has stepped up, 75,000 dollars was raised in 1 hr on our local news channel. Makes your heart warm to realize how many people are arriving to help others.

We are all so blessed with our kids and our homes.
Those poor parents are planning funerals, I can't imagine the grief they are bearing.

Please keep them all in your thoughts and prayers, and remember on even the hardest days dealing with our difficult children, we are still very blessed.


My very good friend lives in Enterprise. While driving home that day, I heard on the radio that several had been killed. I rushed home to dig out her cell phone number. When she finally answered the phone I felt like I could breathe again. Unfortunately they lost their home and cars, but she has a positive attitude that she and her boys are still alive. She has highschoolers, but they attend a private school and they had let out just about an hour before the tornado hit. The hard part for her is that her husband is an Army pilot who is in Afganastan right now. I can't imagine trying to pick up the pieces after something like that and not having husband there with me.


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They have had a huge outpouring of support, hopefully she can get the support she needs through the community.

A member of our barrel racing association suffered a huge loss.

His home,barn and fencing are damaged. His horses were moved to another member's barn and we are having a benefit race and auction to help in his rebuilding cost.

It puts a smile on your face to see so many people doing so many things to help others