Remember my last thread about clearance applic??

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    (This is only going to make sense to those who've read my previous threads about boss, clearance app, etc)

    As a reminder, I had tried to talk to boss about a previous app in the computer system already and talking to secuirty officer and he'd completely gone off on me. And before then, when this first came up that we'd all have to apply but they hadn't started the process yet, I had to go out of town for a week and he acted so against me when I got back- for NO reason.

    Well, we all have our clearance apps in- put them in last week. He and his favorite employee (the one that old me he takes drugs with him on theser trips) announced that they got interim clearances given just 2 days after submitting their app. I still hadn't heard a word about me getting one approved (interim) but today I got the email saying to go have fingerprints taken. I went to a place here - where I am out of town for work and that also has a secuurity office. Do you know that this security officer told me I did have an interim clearance- it was issued in Jan- about 1-2 days before I left on that trip that boss was so mad at me when I got back. I know someone in this company I work for had to know and it's probably safe to assume that boss knew. I can't help but wonder if he just got his undies in a wad over it because he cannot stand it if someone has onoe tiny thing that he doesn't or if they get it first.
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    He's a piece of work! on the other hand, he may have been informed when under the influence and forgotten.
    Or..he may have not been the notifee (lol, is that a word?) and it hasn't gotten to him. Or..he ignored the notice because he wasn't in the mood to read at that time. Or...or...or. With bosses like him you may never know but I assume you have a way to make sure that what you are told is accurate. Geez! DDD
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    Wow... Amazing... I got an email from the security officed when I got my interim and again when I got the full clearance.

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    Well, the "security officer" for the actual company I work for doesn't know squat about the process- I think - actually I'm positive this is the first time she's done this. She is basicly a secretary and the company owner's daughter. But, she has told people that this is new to her and she's muddling thru. She isn't a b****c or anything- but she did get difficult to try to discuss things with after boss apparently told her I was trying to get around process or something- which wasn't true at all- he just spewed saying stuff like that because I had talked to a different security officer- one that I KNEW would know how things should transpire. And- don't you know this secuirty officer that I talked to today had told me the same thing and I hadn't even asked him about it. What thta boiled down to was that if you have applied within a certain period of time and the "result" was nerver officially determined or posted in the system, you are not supposed to start completely over with a brand new app. They told me that, I relayed that to this company's so-called security officer (really, she's a liason between employees and government agency but I have no idea how she get a title security officer)....anyway, I could tell boss had spewed to her about me because when I had relayed that info to her, her repsonse was "no, you can't get out of doing app completely iover just like everyone else"...Uhmmmm...I think the people in the government know a little more about this process. Whatever. If boss hadn't spewed on her, I tend to think she would have checked with government agency to find out for herself. The fact that my interim was issued and put in system Jan 20th proves I already had an app in the system because this company didn't send people links to the webiste/online app until around the 1st of Feb.

    Yeah DDD- the government security officer I talked to today- just like previous one- was sitting at his computer, plugged my basic info in (social, date of birth, etc) and told me when I applied 18 mos ago, when it was closed without final decision (I thought it had been denied but technically, it was not), and so forth. They would never lie about this stuff. Not these government people.Boss- yeah he would. And I KNOW that the one employee either lied on his app or for some reason lied to me about having drugs with him when he really didn't. I can't imagine someone who doesn't do drugs saying that they do. The guy told me boss does too but I do put a little less stock in that. Although it sure would explain some of his behavior and the fact that everyone gets under his skin, at least sometimes, except two people one being the drug guy who is his all-time favorite employee. But you bring up some good points about there being other possible reasons boss never told me about my interim- many times he spews about people not informing him but he doesn't open and read half his emails. Time and time again I get messages from him telling me to send him something- that I gave him a week earlier.