Repeat after me, I didn't cause this...


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I can't cure it or control it.

....deep breath....repeat...

I didn't cause this.
I can't cure it or control it.

....deep breath....repeat...

My difficult child's zoloft was increased and his mood has raised slightly. He will return to school tomorrow after being out for nearly a week. He has been sober (as far as we know, lab tests were sent on Tuesday) since last Friday.

Tonight he is going to hang out with some friends from his recovery school (Both strong in their recovery for 17 & 18yr olds. Each sober longer than 10months) to hang out and then go to an AA meeting. I'm freaking out inside. I know I can't keep him locked up in our house forever and he's going to have to make choices. He's either going to get back on track and the path to recovery, or he's going to dig his own grave. I have to let him.

Seriously though, I just wanna throw up!

I'm actively looking for an Alanon meeting to attend this evening.


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You didn't cause this, you can't cure it or control it...

we can still hope he goes where he is suppose to tonight.

sending good thoughts your way and hoping you have luck with finding that meeting.



one day at a time
I hope you found a meeting coma. There have been long periods when I have gone to a meeting every single day. One time I went to two meetings in one day.

Hang in there and keep us posted. You are right, you can't cage someone to keep them safe. It doesn't work.

Prayers for you and your difficult child and whole family today.