Reporting from our Discharge Meeting


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I have to admit, I was nervous, nervous, nervous. Things on Friday were left with collaborative day refusing to take difficult child back and sd insisting he remain there indefinitely.

When I got to the facility, sd CSE chair was already there - I had been told she would attend via speaker phone only, so I was already up for a fight.

No fight. If you can believe it. I don't know where the change of heart(s) came from, but I'll take it.

difficult child will transition back into collaborative day all day today and tomorrow, while still inpatient, and then we are scheduled to pick him up for Thursday, 3:00 p.m., discharge. He will have Friday and Monday off due to the holiday and then back to business as usual at collaborative day for next Tuesday.

He has been placed in the extended school year program, which this summer is to be held in our own town so no hour long bus ride each way. And, fall placement is set for an 8:1:1 in a neighboring sd. The only thing we did not get set in place was a plan for what we might do if this 'plan' doesn't work. Residential Treatment Center (RTC) was mentioned as an alternative - first time they've introduced that directly to me. I was also told that we are finally in spot #1 on the waiting list for wraparound services, which includes a variety of services - including respite!!

The inpatient and outpatient psychiatrists were in fairly cohesive agreement that difficult child is better off without the lithium and seroquel. They both have asked for a new EEG and neuropsychologist testing.

All in all, the 'PLAN' sounds amazing to me. difficult child, on the other hand, was accepting of it, but begrudgingly to say the least. He hates, hates, hates coll. day, but recites that he can get through it for 3 more weeks. He seems to be able, in theory, to accept that it is THE option available to him, but when he thinks about it in more concrete fashion, he gets a bit emotional. He spent about 2 hours in coll. day program yesterday and said it went well. 2 of the 4 other students in the program were not there yesterday, though, and will be added back into the mix today.

I'll be holding my breath today to see how it goes with him in there all day.

It's a bit strange spending time with difficult child now. Maybe I can't put it into appropriate words, but he has been on the lithium for quite a while and on the seroquel in varying doses for years - there is no sedation quality to him anymore. Been a very long time since we've had that. Hoping he is able to hold it together at coll. day and transition home successfully.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support. :wink:


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I can imagine your anxiety is high and you're holding your breath each moment that passes, but it sounds like things are :::crossing fingers::: going well!

Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers!


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Thanks everyone! It was actually bit weary going through that meeting. I was so 'jazzed up' on the drive over - looking for a battle that for the most part wasn't there. Weird.

difficult child did really well in coll. day yesterday - he was in there all day with zero problems. Of course, one day isn't really a good yard stick to go by, but I'll take it for now. He said it was 'great'. Even his teacher gave inpatient staff a glowing report and that's saying a lot because she and difficult child have bumped heads since day one. If only this could last until the end of the school year. Guess I will be holding my breath at least until then.

We're on track for a 3:00 discharge today. I keep reminding myself that although I have been in a real 'nothing changes' kind of mood lately, this hospitalization was monumental. We successfully weaned difficult child off seroquel with no personality, mood or behavior differences. So, he is now only on welbutrin. I don't really know what to expect when he comes home. It will be different.

Thanks for all the support. I am so thankful to have this group of people who not only understands, but is always ready, willing and able to give a cyber hug, an opinion or just add a little prayer to mine. Thank you, thank you, thank you.