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    I received difficult child's report from the sd psychiatric at Department of Juvenile Justice today. It didn't seem so bad at first review except for misleading information in the history portion. But now that I read it again and more carefully, I'm not only gravely concerned about the misleading stuff in the history portion, I am concerned about some other things too, however, I'm not disputing any actual test result.

    Anyway, they have the Department of Juvenile Justice school in our state dept. of education not Department of Juvenile Justice, even though it is located on a Department of Juvenile Justice facility so I am supposed to look at this just like a mainstream sd and difficult child and I have the same rights as far as state DOE regs and IEP. Therefore, I'm typing a letter to llist the things I would like clarified or corrected but I seriously doubt she will do it. I asked the private psychiatric to do this on difficult child's complete neuropsychologist testing years ago and she refused to change a single word- even things that she reported as coming from me that were wrong.

    So what do I do? Can I request an IEE because of this?

    Further, it irritates me that I signed consent for her to access the mental health records that difficult child has there so she could see more info but not have it included in difficult child's educational record. She must not have even looked at it because time and time again she writes "According to mother, blah blah blah" and other phrases that make it look like I could be lieing or fabricating stuff. If she had looked in the mental health file, she would have seen supporting data. I know she was complaining about having time to go thru all difficult child's stuff and complete his report, but I find this irritating. The home sd will ignore any "per mother" info.
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    When you have the IEP meeting, I would suggest you bring

    (1) a letter stating the corrections for the social history
    (2) the documentation from his mental health files

    The reality is that the schools and not hospitals and only care about "negative educational impact". My daughter attended school while fully psychotic but because her presentation was sweet at school it did not have "negative educational impact" and was irrelevant. It stinks.
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    That's not the kind of info that I witheld from the sd though. They have difficult child's actual test results, recommendations from the profs, diagnosis's, and medications he's been on. They don't have family history because that report also was inaccurate in it's portrayal of the background and they don't have the summary that includes references to the inaccarate info. Not only waas the info misleading and the kid was already fighting a label, but teachers were trying to "counsel" difficult child about family issues and his diagnosis and I felt like they were not qualified, difficult child was coming home an emotional basket case, so I didn't think they needed to know why he was depressed, only that he was depressed, as an example. I look at it like this, the people I work with/for might need a little info about me to know if there's a problem I'm dealing with, but they don't need to know every detail about it or what brought it all on.
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    All you have to do is disagree with-the sd report. You don't have to say why.

    There are some IEE threads in the Sp Ed Archives.