Residential Treatment Center (RTC) funding

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My dear difficult child is in an Residential Treatment Center (RTC). Went in 6/11 and he is covered for 20 days through his health insurance which is the state insurance for low income families here in Florida. So his insurance benefits will expire 7/2, 7/1 being his last day in Residential Treatment Center (RTC). I inquired with the financial director at the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) about aid last week in case he needs to be there longer. She said the "only" assistance would be through Children and Family Services and gave me a name and a number. I called this guy and he said there are no funds available for kids that aren't on Medicaid, which difficult child is not. I told this guy I have worked really hard, 2, sometimes 3 jobs to keep us off of welfare. And he said, well, sometimes that pays off and sometimes it doesn't...hmph! Just think of all the money I saved the state. Anyway, he said all funds for kids that aren't on Medicaid are depleted. I understand that if this was a group, employment related policy I could appeal, but it isn't. Any suggestions anyone??

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Apply for medicaid based on his disability and your insurance company's limits. Sometimes it works. If your insurance is depleted there has to be someone to treat your son. The reality (at least in this state) is you do not need to be on welfare to receive MA.

Both of my difficult children are on M/A (though they were came to us with MA) yet we dropped them from our private insurance because if our private insurance didn't approve of the treatment neither did MA.


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I don't know...I was told this was the only way to get funding. There is no way I would qualify for Medicaid in Florida on my salary. Not that my salary is big, it isn't. But you have to practically be homeless to get any help. I remember applying once when difficult child was little and I had a car that I owed money on and they didn't want to help me because I had assets....the car!!! I couldn't believe it...what do you want me to do, sell the car, live off of that til it's gone and then have no way to get to work?? That's nuts! And it wasn't new, it was about 5 or 6 years old at the time, it was a 1987 Camaro and this was in 1994.


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again sorry seeing this so late, but in alot of states your child just by virtue of being in a Residential Treatment Center (RTC) automatically qualify for Medicaid as the government know that most insurance carriers can't cover the longterm costs and then the parents are not able to either. You would want to try to get SSI under his mental disability and that would automatically qualify him for medicaid. Sad that a social worker at your Residential Treatment Center (RTC) did not help get this set in motion. However I tend to see that they don't as they prefer to get whatever they can from private insurers and then cut the patients loose as they know they will not be able to get what they charge from private pay patients or medicaid either. BLUE


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Don't mean to be nosy here, but is your difficult child on Healthy Kids or Kidcare? They are a medicaid look alike program but families can earn a little more than they do on straight Medicaid.

FL Medicaid is based on income. The older your children are, the less you can earn.

If your difficult child is on Healthy Kids, you may want to switch to Kidcare (program for special needs kids, your difficult child would probably qualify under the behavioral health portion). Call your local Children's Medical Services through the Department of Health.