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    Tomorrow my 16 year old son will get transferred from Juvenile Detention to a residential treatment center for dual diagnosis treatment mental illness/ drug addiction . His new PO has fought hard to get him help & I’m so thankful . She tried many places but no one would take him due to his anger & violent behavior but she didn’t give up. He will go to a place about 3 hours away from the city which is good so he can’t just take off easily & get back like he’s done before. All I could do now is pray that he will change & take this opportunity seriously.
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    I'm glad to hear that he is going to a residential treatment center! The first time will plant the seed.

    My son first went at age 15. He did good for a while and then went right back to it and continued to get worse.

    He was in many programs for many years and never changed.

    He is home now and doing good. He just turned 24 in August. I have still not yet asked him WHY he did all this and hurt me so bad and WHY he never took the help that was offered to him. I don't feel the time is right yet. He has a lot more growing to do.

    I was not realistic during any of this. I thought he would be "fixed" right away. How did I know any different? I had never dealt with this, did not know anyone that had dealt with this and had no training in any of this. I was flying by the seat of my pants. I still can't believe what he put us through.

    You have the ability to see things more clearer because you have us!
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    Hello Helpless,
    What a Christmas gift you have received with the good news your son will go to residential treatment. Hopefully, they have AA and NA groups come into the treatment center. I think they all do .I have received so much help through both programs and I am very hopeful for your son because this will be his first exposure and because he is young. There is nothing like one addict sharing with another. To hear from someone who is clean and feel understood and heard is a very powerful experience.

    Prayer is the best thing you can offer your son and I will be praying for him as well. The second best thing you can do is get support for yourself (and through that you are also helping him) in Al-Anon or Nar-anon. These 12-step groups are amazing and have brought me healing beyond anything that I felt possible. Love to all .
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    I asked my son (also 24) the same question about his actions. He explained that he carried a lot of shame but that he was desperate to get high. He said that when doing drugs, it shuts down the part of the brain that houses consequences and rational thought. He said he carried so much shame so he stayed high to not face the bad things he has done.

    He admitted a lot worse than what I already knew, so I asked him not to tell me anymore.

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    I am rooting for your so. To make a comeback . He's young and has time to get it together. A lot of people told me that my son, who was 14, would "straighten up" by the time he's 22-25.

    That didn't seem real to me. 10 years? Seriously, I didn't think I had it in me, but he did straighten up at 21.

    There's hope and I am so happy that you are facing this head on. Letting him go 3 hours away is very wise on your part.

    Our best self-care often happens when our children are in jail/rehab/treatment. We can let our guard down, as we know they are well cared for.

    I pray that you use this opportunity to have peace and do things you enjoy. It's a rough ride, but you are clearly off to a promising start. Stay strong and keep posting!