Not a parent, but mom and I are stuck


19 not a parent but looking for help
Hi all, not sure if this is where to go.
I (19ftm) have been diagnosed with an eating disorder, and have recently hit an intense low. I have been going to an outpatient therapist, with no progress. My therapist is recommending a residential treatment center and 24 hour care, which I’m willing to go along with.
I am living with my parents, and we can’t afford for me to go to Residential Treatment Center (RTC). I went to one for suicidal ideation in March 2021, and we’re still paying off those bills.
I understand that I need help, I’m willing to get help, but I don’t know where to turn now.
Is there a way to find sliding scale or in-network programs for young adult ED?
Can insurance help make it more affordable? What do I need to tell them?

If this post isn’t okay since I’m not a parent, please let me know.


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Outstanding that you have acknowledged your eating disorder, are in therapy and are committed to wellness. Sounds to me like you are making progress even though it may not seem like it. Celebrate this progress! Many never acknowledge they have a problem and even fewer take action. My advice: 1) Each state has a medicaid program to help those that meet financial need criteria. Investigate these. 2) many residential treatment programs do work on sliding scale - google search these or go through your local NAMI chapter, 3) if you can get on your parents' insurance plan (i.e. younger than 25) and it has a mental health component, get on that plan asap as likely you will have more and better options than medicaid plans. 4) stay in outpatient therapy. Ask your therapist for a referral to inpatient facilities specializing in ED and can work within your financial and insurance boundaries. Be persistent. Good therapists help their patients get the help they need. If you current therapist does not specialize in eating disorders, ask for a referral to one that does. 5) be patient with yourself and the process - there are no quick fixes but you're already well on your way to healing. 6) contact eating disorder orgs and forums like NEDA I wish you all the best in your continued pursuit of taking control of your life! Hugs!