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    I've posted about getting results from my son's doctor with a diagnosis of ODD/Learning Disability (LD) not otherwise specified/ and Mood disorder not otherwise specified.

    Well, they couldn't get me into this follow up/review of these results until Dec 4th. Now they called and can get me in today at 4 pm.

    So, What questions would you ask the doctor so I cover all bases since he's not easy to get into and see. I want to make sure I get as much information as possible. Any advice or recommendations I should ask for? I'm so new to this that I just want to make sure I'm covering all I can at this appointment.

    Also, The social worker for his school finally called me back yesterday. I have a meeting on Friday at 11 am to talk with her.... Questions or advice for that? She already in a nice way pretty much said that she's not sure what the school can do for me... heh. But I set up the appointment anyway. I know I can ask for an IEP by writing, but I also know that they will make it very hard for me to get that at this point.

    Ok anyway, questions you would and have asked for your children... Anything would be helpful.
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    Question suggestions for the doctor:

    What is the Learning Disability (LD)-not otherwise specified (I am guessing this is going to turn out to be Executive Function Disorder)? How does it manifest itself in difficult child? What services/accommodations would he need in school and at home to help him?

    How would you characterize his Mood Disorder? Should we see a child psychiatrist for medications? What kind of therapy would help him most?
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    Question suggestions:

    How will these diagnoses affect his behavior in the classroom? Will he have difficulty organizing, planning...interpreting visual/auditory information? Make sure he is specific and relates test results to actual performance in the class.

    What recommendations/accommodations does he suggest?
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    Perfect. I'm thinking along the same lines as you all and that makes me feel more confident about where I'm at with my thinking. Thank you! More questions to ask would be helpful so please share if you think of anything!

    I'm so blessed to have found this site! Thank you all!
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    Remind me again why you're speaking with the social worker about this (I remember you mentioned it in another thread)? Typically the person in charge of this is the special education director, school psychologist or principal. It sounds like her response, "I'm not sure what the school can do for you" means she's not in charge of working with IEPs etc.
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    The social worker is the only person the school has put me in contact with. They have not offered up or let me talk with anyone else until I talk with a Social worker. I'm thinking they don't want to deal with this stuff as my son will be leaving this school after 8th grade. They're putting in road blocks already. I already feel that.

    As far as her reply... Well.. she asked me if the doctor gave any recommendations for the school. She replied that she's not sure my son would qualify for everything needed to do much about it. Said "It's very hard to get special classes without a full learning disability" she thinks his ODD is causing him to have problems and most are behavioral.

    I'll ask the doctor today about what to do with school stuff and see if he could add more information in note form for tomorrows meeting. I just have a feeling they legally don't want to do much or put much effort into anything. I want to be a team player with the school, but I don't want them to think just because they are rid of him after this year that nothing can be done now. It's **** to me. They've also given him a reading test this week before calling me back without telling me they did it. So, I'm sure they are making their own choices about what is going on with him. It's frustrating!
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    Special Education is not a place (special classes). Special Education is meeting the educational needs of a student who has a disability with services and accommodations.

    Personal opinion: I would not meet with this social worker. I would send a letter certified mail or hand delivered requesting a "full and initial evaluation in accordance with IDEA to determine whether difficult child is eligible for special education and related services."

    ODD can be a tricky diagnosis because school officials will perceive it as behavior and not a disability. As oppositional as my son has been over the years, he has never received a diagnosis of ODD because all the professionals evaluating and treating him believe his oppossitional behavior is fueled by his bipolar disorder. Is there any way that could be true in your difficult child's case?
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    Autistic spectrum disorder is another big reason for ODD behavior. He should be assessed by a neuropsychologist, not a social worker.