Results Of EEG And How Todays appointment Went

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    Well...I apologize for not having the exact wording this go round but......

    EEG showed my son does have aggression ..and when I asked if it showed adhd he just said it shows the abnormality ( which in 5% of cases can give a false reading BUT in my sons case with the actual violence/ defiance etc... that it supports it. medications have helped a little with concentration but not a huge difference but enough for the teacher to tell my son yesterday he wasn't concentrating and hes started to fail again.. ( has missed some doses of ADHD cuz of either him already being in the temper mood or when he was sick. )

    So.. the Dr changed the dose of the Adderall to 10mg in the morning and same Clonidine routine. If in a month( month in half actual appointment) he is still aggressive, he will add a seizure medication to the mix ( he says helps for violence too) or change Clonidine to that medication. In the office while waiting, my son telling us to SHUTUP AND DONT LOOK AT HIM, demanding to go to the park down the street threatening that he was going to just kill himself or us because" he was waiting and I wasnt listening .".. and he was loud enough to where the whole full office of patients and staff heard!!! That went on for 30 minutes :(

    Ohhh the stares :(