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    That time went fast. I found that my house stays very clean with only me. Doing what I want or not is really relaxing. No pressure on what I "have" to get done. I could of done some other things but chose to only do what I wanted.

    I took tonight off of work because I have to pick them up from the airport late evening. Disappointed that difficult child didn't call me at all. Heck when we go to Wisconsin Dells he calls husband every day. I assume their days are so filled with activities he is just enjoying himself.

    I visited with friends, had lunch, went to an event (which I normally would of gone to alone). I did quite a few things I haven't done in a very long time.

    Today though, I didn't get around to baking cookies, need more flour and didn't get out to the store. So I am planning on getting to the store, buying some items and baking most of the day. A dear friend is stopping over at some point. He is a friend of the family, but It was me who introduced him ten years or more ago. He has not been feeling well. He was always my strong person who I could talk to and get advice dispite anything he was going through with his family. Recently he completed a round of cancer treatment. Then a few weeks later collapsed at work in a diabetic coma and was hospitalized a week. He never had diabetes. I am wondering if the cancer treatment damaged his pancreas. Regardless, he is feeling better and planned to stop by today.

    Going to cook a casserole, husband likes to take that to work and share with two guys, who are single and don't often get home cooked meals or desserts. On of those men just lost his daughter a few weeks ago. He has been down in the dumps and dispondant. He is divorced and she lived with him. She was ill, but death was totally unexpected.

    On a good note - husband CALLED me 3 times yesterday. To tell me all about the party the night before. All the people that were there. some he hasn't seen since High School. One talked to easy child for hours. Said on her "to do list" in to see a Packers/Steelers game at Lambeau field.
    LOL - My family has total 8 season tickets. Whenever the steelers play we are offered the tickets, and others. So husband said he will "hook her up"

    Then he called and said, "guess where I am". On top of the Incline. He was so very excited. I have not heard or seen emotion in him for so many years I was excited to hear happiness in his voice. I am praying so hard that it will be better when he returns home. I really, really miss what we had so very many years ago.

    difficult child hasn't called me, I am sad. But I am the one who gets on him for school and he probably is just afraid I'll mention that when he is enjoying himself.

    easy child hasn't called - but he is also enjoying all the sites. Huge, Huge sports fans. Now they all want to go to a baseball game next summer. It was rather cheap to send them, so maybe they can put away a little money each week and go. Maybe I'll go too. Nah...I'll go to Vegas or California. Or enjoy time home again.

    Well, time to start my day. Lots to get done. More shoveling to do so I can actually back the car out.

    Take care everyone. Thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement. You are all so wonderful.
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    Sounds like the perfect break that you all needed! The weekend did go fast!

    So promising for your husband to contact you when he was happy. That is a very good sign for your relationship.
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    Sounds like this was a much needed break for all of you. I agree that it should be done more often. It is so easy to get into a rut and so not easy to get out of one. When you have these little vacations to look foward to it makes life much easier overall. -RM
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    my son went to Pitt for 2 yrs and I fell in love with Pittsburgh. Now I am a big Pitt Panthers fan--does the family like them as well as the pro teams? I remember how cool the incline was! I'm glad you have had a relaxing time and that husband called you--sounds like he might miss you!
    Take care,
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    You are making very good use of your time! Way To Go. I had to chuckle about how clean the house is. Oh, yeah.
    Neat that husband is having a good time and calling you to tell you about it. Way To Go! That's a step in the right direction.