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My difficult child started risperdal a little over a month ago and it has really helped him. We were afraid to try it at first, after researching it online, but after the depakote and abilify failed we decided to try it. So far it has worked well. He takes .5 mg/day in 2 doses. The sample pack the psychiatrist gave us was actually M-Tabs, which melt immediately on the tongue. They are great! When we had it filled at the pharmacy they gave us the regular tablets. husband didn't realize it until he got home, so we decided just to use those. The rx said to give 1/2 tablet/day so we thought maybe it was an issue with that since it says not to cut in 1/2 (psychiatrist said it was ok though). Well, difficult child was taking it ok for a couple wks, then started refusing saying it made him tired/gave him bad dreams etc. He got pretty out of control right before Halloween, I actually had to take my 2 and 3 yo to a neighbor because he was upsetting them so much and I was afraid they might get hurt accidently. I tried everything to get that pill down his throat, nothing worked. Tried benadryl just to get him calm but again could not force him to swallow. We talked to the dr again, he phoned in another rx for M-tabs. When we went to pick them up the pharmacist again gave us regular tablets. I spoke with them, they didn't even know M-tabs existed! They looked in their system, found a distributor that carried them and we had them 3 days later. The pharmacist had never even heard of it before. So now in the mornings I just stick it on his tongue before he wakes up and he doesn't even know. It has really been a godsend for us.

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I am so glad that you shared this information. My difficult child will likely be starting Risperdal soon, I have read way too much as well as have been scared about it but am willing to give it a try now. I now know to ask for M-tabs!! Great tip.

It is good to hear that it is helping!