Rumbly in Chester's tummy

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by mstang67chic, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. mstang67chic

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    So little Mr. Chester is having some intestinal issues. husband is out getting rice and hamburger as I type. My question I boil the rice and meat together or seperate? Stupid I know but I didn't know if it made a difference or not.

    Also, previously, the issues have been strictly intestinal but a bit ago, there was activity at the front end. I'm thinking the entire thing is caused by something he probably dug out of a trash bag. The front end problem is still there as I can't bring myself to clean up one more deposit today. But from a slight distance, there appears to be a chunk of something unnatural. I'll have husband investigate when he gets home.
  2. witzend

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    Cook the rice as you normally would. You might want to skip the burger for the first meal. It won't kill him to go without. When you're ready to do the burger, boil it separately. You can also do plain chicken boiled, as well.
  3. Suz

    Suz (the future) MRS. GERE

    Witz is right.

    I'd hold off feeding him anything for at least 12 hours to give his tummy and intestinal tract some time to empty and relax. Give him ice cubes (no water) to dispel dehydration. Ice cubes don't tend to come back UP or OUT like water might.

  4. mstang67chic

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    I talked to Star earlier and she recommended a 1:1 Gatorade/water mix. That's what is in his bowl now and he has some of the rice I boiled. He ate a small amount but then vomited later. He had been outside between the eating and the vomiting and husband said there was leaves in the "deposit" so I'm guessing he's eating grass.

    GROSSNESS ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He just made another intestinal deposit (omg I need new carpet) and it seems to be getting better....kind of. The one I dealt with earlier do I describe this in a not gross manner?.....had a good amount of form to it but also had liquid. This time was all liquid but much less and I think was more of a, um....well, basically a wet, squirty fart.

    (Poor Star....she was eating when I called and we were discussing this over her chili)

    I'm guessing whatever is running through is his system is mostly out now???

    Poor little guy. It's not slowing him down any although I know he doesn't feel well. Plus, we're containing him to the back porch for the night to keep the damage down. I know he's not happy at all with that as he usually sleeps with husband and I or difficult child but ....that's just not a situation I want in my bed tonight. :sick:

    Is there anything else I can be doing for him? I'm watching the output to make sure there isn't any blood or other nasty signs....he's got rice and I'm saving the hamburger for tomorrow to see how he's doing then. I do have some chicken too that I think is freezer burnt. Do you think that would still be ok to boil up for him?
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    Eww! Stick to the rice, Chester! See if you can slip him a pepto bismol tablet.
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    I gave him some pepto a few hours ago. Star recommended about 1/2 a teaspoon and I got it all in him amazingly enough. (The syringes that come with the flavor injector needles? Take the needle part of, aim for the side of his mouth behind his lips....they work GREAT!!!)
  7. Hound dog

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    Have you woarmed Chester since he came to live with you?

    Poor lil guy. And poor you for having to clean it up. ewww.
  8. mstang67chic

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    Pretty sure. husband was the one who took him in when we had shots done. I'm fairly certain he was given a wormer but I'll double check with husband in the morning. One thing is for sure though....I haven't seen any type if worm in the deposits. I think he just got into something in the trash that he shouldn't have. We have one of those large square garbage cans on wheels but the bags never make it in there. Probably because husband has filled it with all sorts of loose stuff that the garbage men won't take. I know because we tried it last time. I sat here and watched....the guy looked at it and went "pfft..yeah right", picked up the bags and didn't touch the container.
  9. AnnieO

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    Whenever Bubbles has noises emanating from the belly region I give him a few saltine crackers. This seems to help a lot.

    If not...

    If you can get ground chicken that is best - boil rice, cook chicken in a skillet, mix. NO SPICES OR SALT!!!

    If he's eating grass, that's actually good - means he is trying to get whatever's in there, out.
  10. mstang67chic

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    So would the freezer burnt chicken still be ok?
  11. Suz

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    'Stang, if Chester's insides still haven't calmed down this morning, I'd ask you to consider doing what I posted about earlier.

    My first dog Brandy used to have acute pancreatitus attacks which were devastating to her digestive system. What I mentioned was the first order of business we used to try to stop her digestive system (regurgitation, diarrhea) and give it a rest. In her case, we would halt everything except ice cubes for a full 24 hours, then introduce tiny amounts of boiled rice to see if she could tolerate it. If yes, then 4 hours later she'd get a little more with some boiled hamburger....but this was only after she had stopped vomiting and having diarrhea completely. If this regime didn't work, I'd take her to the doctor for a shot and some Centrine tablets.

    Chester probably isn't having a pancreatitus attack but gastroenteritis ain't fun either. You might want to give his vet a call.

  12. mstang67chic

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    I haven't yet tested his "tolerance" today. He has eaten a BIT of the boiled rice so I'm going to do a fresh batch and add a bit of chicken to see if that helps. If not, we'll go to the ice cube trick (he LOVES ice cubes and will catch them when I spit them at him. LOL) and possibly a call to the vet.

    Star had also recommended Kaopectate....that IS ok right? (Not that I don't trust you Star!!! Just double checking....I'm so used to bigger dogs and since he's smaller, I feel like I have a sick baby.) Same dosage on that?
  13. witzend

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    This worked for us. We just boiled the heck out of it and chopped it up.
  14. witzend

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  15. klmno

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    Separate- the point of boiling the meat is to get the fat out.
  16. mstang67chic

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    I have chicken thawing but boiled a bit of hamburger for him. I rinsed it quite a bit to make sure I got as much fat off as possible and only gave him part of it mixed in with some already boiled rice. He scarfed it down and ate more of the rice. I've got him contained now to see what happens. (fingers crossed) If there is still diahea, I'll give him some of the Kao. I also want to try the chicken more so than the beef but he needed something in his tummy and I can't pry the chicken apart yet.

    Thanks for the medication link for dogs. I know it was posted before but I couldn't find it.
  17. klmno

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    Good! Our vet told me that the point was to get the dog to eat more of the rice because it's the rice that absorbs the "bad" stuff in the system and psuhes it thru quicker- the point of the meat is to get the dog to scarf down the rice so he said no more than 1/3 meat to rice ratio.
  18. Shari

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    Cooking the rice in broth helps them eat it, too.
    Hope he's feeling better.
  19. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Stang -

    Hows CHester today?

    Don't worry about talking diarrahea and chili eating at same time - when it's a furkid's health? Tis not a problem.

    If he still has diarrahea at this point? I would seek a vet for SQ fluids. Pinch his skin behind (nape of neck) if it sticks together at all? He's dehydrated, BUT this is NOT a fail safe way to tell. Also check his gum to see if they are bright pink or loosing color or white. His blood count may be down. If the gums are not bright pink or are white? It "could" be worms. At THIS point? DO NOT WORM HIM unless under a vets direction. The medicine that you give to work is POISON and will irritate the stomach - there is NOTHING in there for the poison to absorb into. It could damage some organs.

    I recommend Kao because it stops diarrahea faster in pups quicker than pepto and is a little bit more palatable because of the chalk (kaolin) is not as upsetting to tender tummies as Bismuth. The gatorade 1:1 is to help with electrolites and replenishing lost potassium and minerals lost in dehydration (water loss in diarrahea).

    However at this point in the game? It's gone on too long and he could probably use a shot of (forget the name) to slow the process of the diarrahea. If Kao and Pepto have not worked he could have pancreatitis or a spastic colon or just a really bad bug. Stop feeding him anything. Just the ice cubes like we talked about. It will not hurt.

    But seriously? Vet time. And before Thanksgiving....CHA CHING.

    He could also have Coccidiosis (sp) but that usually comes with blood. Not always - but it takes a stool sample to find it - AND if he's got it - there's a chance that Cloe will get it - So she'd need to be treated as a precaution - and then all the areas in your house that he's pooped in - Lysol (member we talked about that?) and the yard - bleached....(get a sprayer and mild solution and spray with like a weed & feed sprayer) Animals coming in your yard, squirrels passing through.

    The other thought with this is Parvo - but like we talked about last night - Parvo brings lethargy, fever, vomiting, and a very distinct smell in the diarrahea. It smells like death - no kidding then blood - just straight diarrahea blood.

    Pootie sez her prayers for her love. All the kids did....they can't stand their bud being sick.

    Send word and let us know how he is. not fry anything - if you give him any food - it's to be boiled and bland, bland, bland.
  20. mstang67chic

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    So far, no diarhea since last night. I did find a deposit hidden in the kitchen (I KNEW I still smelled something) but I have no way of knowing if it's from today or previous. (blech)

    He's eaten more rice and all of the 'burger I boiled up. I don't know how much it was weight wise but it was literally just a handful I grabbed out of the pack to boil up. I'll do some chicken in a bit and more rice.

    He's been out a couple of times today and is peeing fine so I'm not too worried about dehydration. I tried to keep him in sight at all times to monitor back end activity and haven't seen anything.

    Fingers crossed that we're through the worst of it. I tell you though....between Chester and the gas husband had last night....I'm so sick of smelling this stuff!!!!!