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    is in jail. I found out today. He went to court for his 4th DUI mid Sept., he lost his license for 10 years and is serving a 90 day sentence.

    I am not telling the kids, it's better they think he's in rehab, it's not like he is writting or calling them or anything.

    Sigh........... I am very sad, and I think it explains why I have had so much emotional turmoil and weird dreams lately. I think we'll always be emotionally connected to some degree.

    and the day got better and better, I droppped difficult child I off at the juvenille shelter this evening after a massive intervention with police, counselor and SW today after he went nuclear on me once again. Now I have to miss work 2morrow and be in court in the morning. And the "service engine soon" light is now on in my car!:faint::whiteflag::sad-very:
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    Oh my! It really and truely piled up on you today! (((((hugs))))) Evidently s2bex is not ready for rehab at the moment. Sad, but nothing you can do about it. Sorry to hear difficult child went ballistic. Any chance he happened to hear about Dad? The timing is awful close.

    Saying a prayer court goes well, your job understands, and your car keeps on going on until you have the time and money for repairs. I surely hope tomorrow is a MUCH better day.

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    If the car is an issue, maybe check some of the churches in your area. One of our larger area churches has a ministry that the guys do oil changes and routine stuff for single moms, moms going through divorces, and families on really hard times. They also give "their moms" a number to call to get a mechanic to check things out - they aren't all trained/certif mechanics, but they have several who supervise things and these are the ones who are called for engine lights.

    Just a thought.

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    What is it they say? These life experiences make us stronger?? YOU are going to be one strong lady!!!

    Hang on! It will all pass one day. Things will improve with a positive outlook.

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    Ack! So sorry, Amazed.
    I agree, don't bother telling the kids. They don't need to know.
    Give yourself a cpl days to calm down b4 svcing the car. The lights are programmed to give you extra time, anyway.
    So sorry about juv. When does he come back?
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    difficult child I gets out of JV 10-16
    S2BX will get out 12-15 just in time to cause stress for the holidays!
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    I think if there is anything good to be found about STBX in jail, its just less time he has behind the wheel drunk and someone will be able to live their life because of it.

    A 4th DUI and they just NOW pulled his license? He is fortunate he doesn't live here - its gone after the first one for a year or so.. I hope he doesn't drive when he gets out - what little time in rehab was wasted I think..