Sad update on the accident front

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    First off I want to thank all of you for your prayers and good wishes. I plan to print them out and share them with that side of the family.

    On a bad note...Loretta (the driver of the car and daughter of the deceased) is being charged with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle. On another bad note, Loretta has no health insurance so these bills plus seeing any private doctors and buying her medications is going to be a huge strain on her. She had to retire early at 55 due to health reasons.

    On a good note...Loretta and Nestle are both now home. Loretta is in quite amount of pain from who knows what with her back and broken ribs. They have her in this ribbed girdle type concoction that goes all around her from chest to hips. Makes movement a chore but she is glad to be home. Nestle seems ok but is badly bruised up and then there is the new shunt that will need to be put in but that can wait a little while.

    Bad note...again. Inman, Ella Mae's husband had to be rushed to the hospital today. All I know for sure is that he took a really bad spiral down and had blood in his urine along with some other symptoms.

    Good and bad note: Tony (My husband) finally got the call to go back to work but he started today which means he is going to have to miss the funeral. My oldest is going to stand in his place as a pall bearer. Cory also started a job today working midnights at Smithfield Foods (hog slaughtering place) as a sanitation worker. I cant go to the funeral part myself because I have Keyana with us this week. I can take her to the grave site though...maybe. Tony is feeling quite upset and sad about all this...understandably.

    Im really worried about that part of the family. They are going to be quite needy because Loretta was there only driver. Now she wont ever drive again with that charge on her. Not to mention the insurance which would be so high and out of her modest price range.

    I just dont know. I cant do much else but I am going to be scouring the agencies for any and all resources for them.
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    Janet, I'm so sorry to hear of all this piling up.

    One thing that you can investigate very easily is whether or not your state has what is called "no-fault" coverage. It's really a stupid name for the coverage but this is how it works.

    When you're in a car accident and their are injuries, the CAR insurance covers the medical issues. That's not only for immediate care (ambulance, ER, emergency surgery) but for the "aftermath". This means any follow-up visits, medications, medical apparatus (splints, guaze, dressings, ace bandages, etc.). That's why various doctors offices ask whether this is a result of an auto accident.

    Regarding health coverage: she should speak to the social services people at the hospital. Quite often they are the ones that have the best information regarding this issue as they are the ones who have to make sure that bills will be paid. If she has no assets, medicaid would be at least something.

    If she's going to apply for medicaid (which she should most certainly do), don't call and ask questions. Make an appointment and go to the medicaid office. In some states, general information lines for government services can be routed through many different places that don't have the most up to date information. Go to the source.

    I suggest she get a marble type notebook to keep record of any and all conversations, purchases, etc.

    Tell her to notify her insurance that she's being charged, I believe that they can provide legal coverage (I can't say for sure that she'd have coverage - my insurance stuff is a little rusty).

    ALSO: and this is super important...she has to develop a really thick skin. Her relatives in the car MAY (it again depends on the state and the coverage) have to "sue" the insurance company for their medical expenses. This very well could result in her being served with papers. It's a formality.

    ALSO: anyone in the car that has a drivers license and has their OWN auto insurance, may want to notify their insurance company that they were a passenger in a vehicle that was in an accident. In most (if not all) states, there's a section on the declarations page called "uninsured/underinsured motorist" coverage. This coverage would kick in if there isn't enough coverage on the drivers policy for the medical bills. VERRRRRY FEW INSURANCE CO.'S WILL TELL YOU THAT YOU HAVE THIS COVERAGE! Essentially, it just short of allows you to sue yourself!

    As for you: Don't feel guilt about not being able to be there. I know that you like to be there for everyone, but since you're doing that for the whole "famdamily" something has to give.

    My mom put it in the best perspective when she got sick: "Once I die, and I am free to float around anywhere that I want to: Do you REALLY think that I'd spend it floating around a cemetary waiting around to see if you visit? I'll be seeing the rest of the world and stopping in to see all of you as I pass by to my next adventure. Don't waste your time!"

    I'm sorry this is so long, but I wanted to make sure that you had as much of the information about the insurance as soon as possible.

    God bless and keep them close to his heart!

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    Oh gosh....what a lot for her to have to shoulder right now:sad-very:. My heart goes out to her and so do my prayers. Prayers for continued healing, strength, and peace.
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    Sending prayers for healing and strength. Please don't beat yourself up, you can only do so much and your immediate family HAS to be your first priority.