Saving Charlotte's cousin Hairyette

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Star*, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. Star*

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    It's getting colder so the grocery store is selling wood. They keep it in the little foyer / entrance way to our local Bi-Lo. DF and I had finished shopping - I think for $50 we got a package of bologna, loaf of bread, and a gallon of milk - so I was stunned as we pushed the cart towards the foyer. DF stopped in his tracks and tapped the ground with the toe of his boot. I, still in shock, finally looked down to see a large, hairy spider. This was no ordinary arachnid - she was dark brown and about the size of a Reese Cup.

    At first glance with her being that large I thought she was a bubble gum machine plastic spider only thicker. I remembered a large pickle jar still sitting by the Coinstar machine - ran around the corner, got it, grabbed a paper and bent down to pick her up. This caused QUITE a stir. There were shrieks (okay people she's a spider) and (OMG's) and noises like bleeeehhhh uuuueeeeeew uhhhhhgg.

    I perservered and scooped her up and popped her in the jar and off we went to the country. Had we left her there? Someone would have beaten her to death with that firewood as I'm sure that's how she got IN the store. And of course the first thing most people would do is stomp on her and that's not acceptable. I told DF she was probably sitting as nice as she could in the foyer - 2 of 8 legs poised in the air trying to flag someone down ""scuse me mister - can you?, hewwo I need to get outt dis place." and yet HE was the only one that was charmed by her beguiling voice.

    We let her loose in the woods near to our house and she literally hopped in the air at smelling freedom. So now - Hairyette lives in the 1/3 acre woods, under a stump and promised to keep bugs from going towards our home like any good spider would.
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    Here is a happy welcome fly for hairyette. I am sure she will be a lovely addition to your neighborhood, and eat many bugs as a thank you for her timely rescue.

    I must confess I am NOT a bug fan, or arachnid fan. Quite creeped out by them, but I DO recognize their right to life. I am creeped out by a number of my relatives and I don't stomp the life out of them. And bugs have done far less to tick me off than my relations.

    Hello Hairyette from Auntie Susie!!!!
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    Well, I'm not the biggest spider fan in the world. However, I do make an attempt to get them outside when I find them. If they're already outside I leave them alone. Nichole is a whole different matter. lol

    Welcome Hairyette. I home you enjoy you're new home in the woods. :)
  4. Abbey

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    Star... you are one of the strangest person on Earth, but bless your heart for saving an ichy spider.

  5. susiestar

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    Why does Hairyette itch? Does she have spider pox or poison ivy? I wonder if you can put calamine lotion on a spider?
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    Stop with the spider stuff now. I would never enter that room again. I think it's because they're so unpredictable. It's like they don't walk up casually like...hey how you doing? No. They jump and spread webs to trap you. Ugh. Maybe we should have spider manners 101.

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    Ok I'm more interested in the fact it cost your $50 bucks for bologna, bread, and milk!!! What's up with that?????????????????? Are they "extra large" quantities of those things??

    I've been known to save a few spiders in my time, NOT BY CHOICE LIKE YOU!!! LOL cause kids made me!
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    Posted by Susie:
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    Keep your eye out for a web with the words "thank yoo starr" weaved into it.
  10. Star*

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    Gonna keep an eye out for the web - isn't life just cool? I'm so glad I'm not afraid of spiders...DF got a chuckle out of my immitation spider voice.
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    Thanks to this thread I dreamt about Hairyette only she was on my wall. I opened my eyes and she wasn't there, but when I closed them she was. I was afraid to open them again. She was waving at me, by the way. Didn't make me like her any better.

    You know, had I come across her in the store, I would have been frozen in place. I got stuck in the garage once for 45 minutes because there was this really ugly spider next to the door.
  13. mrscatinthehat

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    I can honestly say that I am glad she is in your neck of the woods and not mine.