school assistive measures for Bipolar and Writing disabilities for kids in JRhigh

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    So, With IEP meetings coming up for difficult child 1 and difficult child 2, I need to come up with suggestions for supports and strategies in school.

    difficult child 1 has Dysgraphia and HATES to write, also just really cant get his brain to come up with anything to write really, couldnt write a page to save his butt. Right now he just he's failing a couple classes that are writing heavy. He also is very ODD although the homework and schoolwork is the only place it shows at school.

    difficult child 2 has BP1 (ODD too i'd say) and problems with written expression and probably dysgraphia too if the school would acknowledge it. Same issues as his older brother only worse at this point. I need Behavior ones with this kid too...he's bout to get himself expelled if he keeps with his tantrums and anger outbursts. Several suspensions already and i believe he's the reason his previous teacher quit...just couldnt deal with him.

    So, any of you have links to share that might help me? I need to get together a couple fairly ideal IEPs that will actually work with these two. Since the teacher at this point still thinks i'm a stupid know-nothing that she can bulldoze...i'd LOVE to turn the tables!:devil:
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    For the dysgraphia issue,
    1. Use of an alphasmart or computer for assignments and note taking.
    2. Use of a scribe
    3. Oral assessments (instead of written)
    4. Occupational therapy to address fine motor issues
    5. Speech/Language therapy

    For the behaviors, the school must do a Functional Behavior Anaylsis. Until it is determined why he is acting out, it will be an exercise in frustration for all to try and stop it. I'd recommend getting a copy of Lost At School by Ross Greene. It uses Collabarative Problem Solving to identify why a child is acting out as well as works with the child to find the solution.
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