school calls this time for my daughter ugh!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by RobinD, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. RobinD

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    Well got a phone call from school today to pick up Marie as she refuse to put her seatbelt on the van. So the van left without her.
    Well she isn't talking to me and being nonverbal. I grounded her from outside so no playing in the snow. She is trying annoy us and Willy she is laying on the kitchen floor making snow angels and saying snow angel.

    Willy told me it was because he put his seat belt on first and try to take his off and she start a fight with him and refuse to put her seat belt on. Well we have the same problem in our van. I tell Willy just let her go first so we can get where we need to be and not have to be fighting and everyone needs there seatbelt on. I know we shouldn't give into her but she won't stop and I could get into accident. She is very defiant and stubborn and we can't get her to stop things with Willy. She is very fixated on being first or its a meltdown or a fight with Willy. Its hard to drive with her screaming and crying.
    She keeps on trying to get us all upset and we are doing are best to ignore her and Willy is trying to do his homework with his therapist.
    Later she start her whine mode and tantrum for an hour. Well 730 tonite both kids were asleep its a miracle!!
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    At least they're asleep so you can recover and recoup. Hope tomorrow is a better day.
  3. RobinD

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    Me too as 2 bad days has me exhausted!

    calgon take me away!!
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    Glad they are sleeping-I hope tomorrow is much better.