School District Seems to be doing good this year


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Last year at this time I was involved in a toe-to-toe argument with our school district. We continued/reconvened Kanga's IEP at least 8 times. I flat out refused to accept their placement option because "that's the program we have". By the end of our marathon of meetings, they had a new program and Kanga as well as 7 other students all benefitted

This year Kanga's IEP took just 90 minutes. They are opening a classroom at our home school for kids like her :smile: (The school she was being bused to was less than 1 mile farther than our home school and it was our 'old' home school so it wasn't that big of a deal). She has progressed far enough to take advantage of some accomodations that she couldn't use last year so she is going to be mainstreamed for 2 academic classes again. She is thrilled as being in 'Special Education' is starting to have some negative social implications. But she did insist on confirming with the Special Education director that the new school had Special Education because "I still need some Special Education!!"

The best part of the opening of the new classrooms (one at the primary level and one at the middle level) is that Tigger will be staying at the home school. We were struggling with picking the lesser of two evils on him because he really needed this program but we feared a move to a new school would trigger his school phobia and suicide the program is coming to him!!!!

So far this is a great Spring (aka IEP season)!!


Your post brought tears to my eyes. I'm thrilled for you and yours. :D

And to boot, no telling how many other parents and kids you helped indirectly. Sometimes it takes a while to educate a district.

It's great for other members to read threads like this. It helps to know that with-tenacity, good things can happen.


What great news!!!

I remember your problems last spring very well and I am so happy it is working out for your family so much better this year!

Way To Go :D