School doesn't care.

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    there will be no bus coming to the end of our road. Why? It is privately maintained. According to the bus supervisor, they only go on publicly maintained roads. So why do tehy come down this road for the kid who has asthma? Bus super says they don't. They also go down 3 other privately maintained roads, just on the jr high route - I followed it one day, and I checked with the county to see who maintains the roads. The walk to the bus is not 1/4 mile like I thought, it is5.3 tenths of a mile, which FITS the definition of over 1/2 mile by pretty much any math you do - that is from the end of our driveway to the bus stop.

    BUT the School Superintendent has said that she will not intervene, and the bus supervisor pretty much says it doesn't matter that she was hit by a car, or that it is pitch dark out when she would have to leave. I asked if the school was going to pay for the therapy for the PTSD and anxiety caused by being outside alone in the dark. They won't even let the school counsellor TALK to her about it, because they don't want to look like they are admitting any fault in case I would sue. WTH??? I NEVER mentioned suing the school. It never occurred to me they might be liable, and they probably wouldn't be, not in our state anyway.

    I have called the School Board Member that I went to school with. He is still a weasel and says that they won't address it, unless I want to move to a different location. I can't move right now - nothing on my street is selling. And anyway, that shouldn't be a factor.

    I am very upset. It just seems like they don't even care. And actually, they don't.
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    Susie, might talk to a lawyer and see what he has to say about it. I have a feeling you're gettin the good ole boy cold shoulder. Someone has to be responsible for the fact a child at a school bus stop was hit by a car from no fault of her own. Maybe lawyer would be kind enough to remind them of that, and maybe throw a scare into them while their at it.

    We used to get this when kids would beat up Travis on the way home from school. School would say it wasn't their responsibility. So I took it to the cops, who filed charges, and poof school is all but stroking because I hadn't handled the matter with them! grrrrr Oh, well. They had their chance.

    This really really ticks me off. *snarl*
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    Would taking pictures of everything you just said and then taking that to the superintendant or the school board help?