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Well, I we were suppose to have an IEP meeting at school on Friday. However it turned into one big argument between me and the principal and vice principal. All his teachers were there (first time) someone from the SD, his Special Education case worker and two school social workers.

I must go back to the previous day. Thursday at 3pm I recieve a call from the vice principal. He says difficult child had a "rough" day. He had a "rough" morning, went to lunch couldn't pull it together and now has a referral. Therefore he will be placing him in in school suspension. I asked what he did, and he kept saying he had a "rough" morning. I said "STOP" I need you to tell me WHAT it is he did. Vice principal replied with "well, i don't know, I would have to check with his teachers". Then he said difficult child ran up and verbally attacked another student. He said he went into a room he shouldn't of been in and said...shut your G** D**** F***** mouth, get your mind straight. There was a teacher in the room who wrote him up. Now, as he is telling me this My son is in the back ground sayin no I didn't say that, she has it wrong, that's not what happened. I asked the vice Principal what happened prior to this. He said nothing it was lunch. I asked him if something was said that would of provoked him or set him off. He said no. I picked up my son after school. When I got home I took out a piece of paper and told him to start talking...from the minute he walked into school.
He said, he went to English and put his head down he was tired. Someone told him to lift his head up, which he did. That person left the room so he put his head back down. (this is during the 15 minute silent reading). The teacher then called the office, asked for an escort to remove difficult child. He was then taken to the dean of students (who is always screaming at everyone so I have asked many, many, many times that he not deal with her). She placed him in an empty room in the office and shut the door. He remained there for the remainer of first period. Then his other classes were fine, no issues..until math. He said someone was really bothering him so instead of losing control, he left to go talk to his Special Education teacher. (this is what he is suppose to do, outlined on his IEP). He said they talked and he felt better, and class was just ending. The next class was in the math room and he needed to go get his things. As he was approaching the door the math teacher said "someone is stupid, has behavior problems and doesn't do there work". He walked in and the entire class started laughing at him. He handled that, went to the next class, all was well, went to lunch. (lunch is at 1pm). When he was coming back from lunch a girl told him that he is STUPID, and could never be in their class or do their work. He is just stupid. He says he then said "get your d*** mind straight".
So, Friday I brought him to school. I told him to go to class. If they are going to put him in ISS to call me. Well, he called before school even started. Vice Principal said ISS. so, I went back to school and told him what had happened, what that teacher said. I made it a point to visit each and ever teacher and vice principal, principal prior to this school year. I told each of them that I know of two things that will set him off. One - if you call him fat. Other - If you Laugh at him. So, an entire class laughed at him and he handled that. It wasn't until the girl said how stupid he was. (very bright by the way). As for being in a class he shouldn't of been, that class is behind the class he was to attend. You had to go through his class to get to the other. Anyway, I told the VP that he is NOT going to ISS. Either he goes to class or he comes home with me. He said he is not going to class. So, I took him home. I also asked why he was removed from class in the morning? why was he forced to see the lady I asked him not to? why was he put in a little room by himself? He did not disrupt the class, he was sitting quietly..that was a goal on the IEP also. To sit quietly and not disrupt the class. He said he had to investigate. Also needed to investigate what that teacher said. I told him to speak to the kids that were in the class at that time. Told him you don't Punish a child prior to the investigation. I took him home. Later that day was our IEP meeting.which was nothing but a big fight. They (principal and vice) that anytime he yells out or disrupts the class or isn't doing what he is suppose to be doing he will be removed from the class. difficult child was there. Told him that 1/2 the class doesn't read. VP made a sarchastic remark and laughed. Said, Oh, well if i go there on Monday and Tuesday and Wednsday I'll see this. difficult child said yes.
More later..already to much. They pretty much told me that if I take him home again they will call the truant officer. If he is removed from class they will call the police for disorderly conduct...He isn't a danger.


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It sounds like you need an advocate to bring into the school for IEP meetings. I had hired a psychologist to do this one year, and then I found a lady who could be hired to do this and I had her come in with me on several occasions. There are often groups that you can find that have free advocates. I would start asking people at your psychiatrists office, or if there is a teaching school. I found people by word of mouth and making phone calls. It is very difficult to deal with schools on our own sometimes.