Schools and other insanities


Going Green
I realize that my dealings with schools are somewhat limited as we only have one kid and have always lived in the same SD as we do now but O...M....G! The people in our SD have got to be the most unorganized, noncommunicative people ever.

We've had difficult child signed up for summer school for a couple of months at least because of classes he needs to retake. He was supposed to have taken a morning history class (starting this week) and more recently we found out about a computerized Algebra class that a lot of kids find easier, so we signed him up for that in the afternoon. Last week, one of the guidance counselors called me and told me that the morning History class had been cancelled so all difficult child would have to do is the afternoon Algebra. Ok fine, no problem. Saves me the trouble of figuring out lunches for him as the cafeteria isn't open and he has no access to a refrigerator or anything. Now, you would think that since a GUIDANCE COUNSELOR was the one that informed me of this, it would all be written down somewhere or on a computer, right? :rofl: Not a flipping chance. I just got a call from one of the office staff asking me if I knew that difficult child hadn't yet shown up for summer school. HUH???? I explained the situation to her and did my very best to keep the "are you IDIOTS" tone out of my voice especially when she stated that she didn't know any of this. Of course not. siiiiiiiiigh. (And did I happen to mention that I TOOK HIM TO SCHOOL YESTERDAY??) I realize that things like this happen but it's a common theme with them. They've called us more than once to basically tattle on difficult child that he was truant. Was he you ask? Nope. He was....say it with me now...SUS-PEN-DED. My other favorite was the time that I got a call informing me that difficult child hadn't been showing up for any of his classes for over TWO WEEKS. (It took them that long to figure it out?????) I politely, coughcough, informed the woman that at difficult child's last IEP meeting (3 weeks prior.....go figure) it was decided that difficult child would be in self contained and not go to any mainstream classes. Ok, I though delusionally, that takes care of it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA The very next day we get another call. Yep, you guessed it. "difficult child hasn't been coming to any of his classes for over 2 weeks now." husband happened to be the one who got that call and while he wasn't rude, I don't think he was as nice about informing the person of the situation as I had been. It actually took calling difficult child's teacher of record to get it straightened out. :hammer: :grrr: :hammer:

Aside from the fact that I really want to get difficult child to graduate, I sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo can not wait until we are done with these official, professional, so called edumacated people.