'scuse me while I RANT ...

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    ... and scream and cuss and kick small objects around the room! If it's not one thing, it's another!!!

    We never realize how addicted we are to technology till it's gone! Last Saturday the modem for my computer decided to die! The little lights started dimming and blinking on and off and then ... nothing! And of course, everything always has to happen on the weekend! I called my internet provider who said they would send me out a new modem on UPS but it wouldn't go out till Monday - for $12.95 they would get it to me the next day, Tuesday. And I started playing Solitaire on the computer since that's all that it would do with no internet. I bided my time, feeling cut off from the world, playing Solitaire and watching TV, till Tuesday ...UPS man didn't show. I called them and they said their plane was flooded in and couldn't take off from Louisville (?). Wednesday morning they said it was on the truck to be delivered. Wednesday afternoon I watched the UPS truck fly past my house like a bat out of he11, raising a cloud of dust behind him! I called again ... they said he "couldn't find my house"! Kind of hard to read street numbers when the truck is going just under the speed of sound. 713 games of Solitaire later (it keeps track!) he finally shows up late Thursday afternoon with my new modem. I got it set up and FINALLY I have my internet back after FIVE DAYS.

    So now today, less than 24 hours later, I'm happily playing on the computer and watching TV, all is right in my little world again, and suddenly the TV goes out and there's the "searching for signal" message that comes on when a storm is coming. But it's 91 degrees outside and not a cloud in sight! I went in to the kitchen and there's a big gaping HOLE in the window where the old(unused) window AC unit used to be! The friggin' air conditioner had fallen out of the window and bounced off the satellite dish, knocking it all out of place! I called Directv and after I got through 15 minutes of recordings to a live person, she scheduled a service call ... for next Wednesday! That's the very soonest they can get here! Now I'm going to be without TV for FIVE DAYS!!!!


    It's so quiet in this house I can hear the clock ticking! I can hear the dogs breathing! So quiet it's almost creepy!
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    Crickets chirping sounding REALLY loud?

    Oy! I feel for ya. At least you can get some shows over the internet. I know, not the same as having "something on" in the other room. Pop in a DVD maybe?
  3. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    I'm sorry but I can't help :rofl:

    You poor dear -- I sympathize with your frustration. Sounds like something out of a Chevy Chase move...
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    Same frustration...different topic.

    I hear ya.
  5. exhausted

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    :rofl: You have no idea how I needed to laugh tonight. (Not at your frustration, but your wording and the craziest sequence of events) Thank you! This might be a good time for a trashy romance novel?
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    You can always watch some shows online the day after they air. Try hulu.com, imdb.com, and xfinity.com (even if you don't subscribe to them you can watch a lot of things online). Or dig out your dvds and have a movie marathon!
  7. Star*

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    Well................................You have an excellent EXCELLENT writing ability for humor cause I'm sitting her laughing like a bat out of he//......perhaps you should spend the next five days writing a novel. I'm not sure how you could parlay that into a romance novel??? blinks at exhauted in utah........but to each his own. (perhaps shes fantasizing about the a/c man as he slowly gets out of his repair truck with his tight blue jeans and his rippling muscles showing through his blue, cotton work shirt, that expose his broad shoulders and his chest oozing with manhood....dripping with sweat from the hot Tennessee weather as you lean out of your kitchen window with a cool glass of sweet iced tea exposing your full b.........

    Anyway - I hope you get some air soon......and a tv.......or at best write that trashy novela.......personally? I'd like to read.......Just my luck a skinny, geeky guy roll up on a moped, in gingham polyester high waders, and Chance bolts through the open window to bite the rear end out of his pants.
  8. donna723

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    I still have AC because I didn't ever use that old unit in the kitchen window. It broke years ago. Basically that old air conditioner was just plugging up the window. And it's such an old window there's no way to fix it! It's an odd shape anyway and some idiot years before my landlord bought this house somehow cut off the bottom half of the window pane! So even if I pulled the window sash down as far as it will go, there's still a big open gap there that I've covered with plastic. I'm just praying that the dogs don't notice it - so far they haven't. So tomorrow I will call my landlord and let him worry about the window. Hopefully he will fill in the big gap with another air conditioner! Easier and cheaper than having a whole new window put in - that would probably have to be custom made because it was so old and such an odd shape.

    So basically, I'm waiting for the Directv guy to come and realign my satellite dish, not the AC guy. It was kind of funny when they were scheduling the service call. She asked me if I lived in a "gated community"! Yeah, right! Then she asked me if I had any vicious animals! Not unless you count the two cats and eight kittens living on my front porch and my three annoying, googly-eyed, attention seeking, toy-obsessed Bostons who are my roommates! I doubt if I could do a novel. But my project was going to be getting the wireless printer I bought ten months ago finally hooked up so I could scan in a bunch of pictures and get them on my "Tree" on Ancestry.com. That printer has been sitting in a box on my dining room table since August, 2010! And last Saturday my brother was coming over to help me get it set up. Two minutes after he walked in the door was when my internet went out! Then tonight I was talking to my (first) ex on the phone ... long story there ... and he was telling me about hooking up the printer, and that's when my TV went out! I supposed I am just destined to be in the Dark Ages! And when I get the TV back on, the refrigerator will probably die! It's days are numbered.
  9. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    The Donna saga continues.....

    We were going to write about a hot, sexy repair man, with rippling muscles, and then somehow it went to the landlord being an odd shaped man, and no one wants to hear about that! So now we have the hot, sweaty Direct TV man on a moped in cashmere pants coming through your non-gated community with his hair billowing in the wind riding past kittens (everyone loves kittens in a story) climbing through and making known the odd shaped window to your three (oh LORD how did you say it?) annoying, googly-eyed, attention seeking, toy-obsessed Bostonian roomates. Yet you were waiting on him but were scanning your first ex husbands bunch? (mmm okay) and telling your brother about it on the phone while you were sitting on your dining room table, but then you said it felt like the Dark Ages because ya'll were hooking up by the refrigerator, causing the tv to go out and now someone is going to die. I guess you were right. His days ARE numbered. And I'd put that on Ancestry.com too! They have a place for birth and death dates.....you can even add pictures now!

    Well if you don't have a nice black dress for his funeral? let me know - I'll be glad to loan you something. WOW and you got all this from loosing your mojo?
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    Sorry gals..........I was laughing so hard I had to read this to husband, he thought I'd lost my marbles.

    Donna, that's about my luck. *knocks on wood* << notice the knock on wood thing

    Only I could do just fine without the tv. That would just mean I wouldn't have FOX News blaring in the background while I'm surfing the net or playing the sims. Heaven forbid husband actually wear his hearing aides.

    Internet, yeah I'd be annoyed as heck. But I could still play my sims.......and age of empires (my I need to kill people game).

    No computer? And the whole world better watch out until there is a working one once again on my desk. No joke.

    For wednesday, I'd make a huge cardboard sign like they do for yard sales......with something like Satellite man Stop Here!!! So he won't miss your house.
  11. donna723

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    ... there's even more! There's a reason why we couldn't install the printer without the internet! While it was sitting on my dining room table for ten months, apparently a MOUSE had set up housekeeping inside the box with the printer! My "roommates" have since killed almost all the mice. But it had nibbled up most of the set-up instructions! I could not make this stuff up! So I looked in the little booklet they also included and the whole &#% thing is written in Spanish! Not where they have English on one page and Spanish on the facing page - the entire thing is in SPANISH!!! And seeing as how I had exactly one year of high school Spanish 50 years ago, it's safe to say that I do NOT speak Spanish! But never fear, I had found very good clear instructions online at the HP website and we were going to go by that. Then as soon as my brother got here to help set up the printer ...my modem dies and the internet goes out! And the most annoying thing of all was when I made all those many calls to UPS trying to track the package containing the new modem and I'd get this bright, cheerful recorded voice telling me that I could track the package ONLINE!
  12. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    OH NOW I have heard EVERYTHING -

    Speedy Gonzales lives in your house! GET OUT OF TOWN!
  13. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!


    You're right. You can't make this sh!t up.
  14. Hound dog

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    :rofl: :rofl:

    omg d@mn mice!

    Sounds like me with my GE Roaster oven. Every since I've owned it, to use it I've had to look the manual up online. Finally........I got smart and downloaded the pdf file to my computer AND printed it. It only took me 3 yrs to think of that. lol
  15. Shari

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    But printing it requires you to have a printer installed....

    So...what's shaking at the public library?????
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    Oh boy, do I understand this! Since it's only me and the dogs at home I have become overly dependent on the internet and TV, too. Before I moved here, the provider for tv, telephone, and internet was converting to digital so there were a couple of months where service was in and out constantly while they modified their liines (or whatever they had to do). I was complaining so often to them they reduced my bill a couple of times. In this town, it seems that at least once a week service is blinking off whether there's a storm or not and my patience has worn so thin that now I'm calling them from the cell phone after 5 mins to complain. I caaled them last night for this problem and had already had to call them a few days earlier.
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    I think you might be wise just to sit still in a chair on the porch with the cats until the big black cloud of problems passes by your house. I bet you're afraid to turn on the stove or open the refrigerator!
    This week channel HLN keeps cutting off for five or ten minutes as I watch "the case". Sometimes I think we all lived better lives before television and the net! Hugs. DDD
  18. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911


    You know what? I woke up this morning laughing about your life. NO, seriously and then I thought. God in his infinite wisdom does know what he's doing.........You've got SO much going on in your house he's having you play solitaire to allow the dust to settle -as it were. Maybe with a quieter, calmer life? You can get zen and become one with your home again. Our cable, internet, and phone went out New Years Eve, New Years Day and a few days after that. I was LIVID. We missed the ball dropping, my Mom was here. NO one in my family likes Scrabble, or Boggle - but we discovered this new game called Left, Right, Center, and had a blast - THEY had a blast. I lost every game. lol. Then we watched paint dry....and talked about everything we could think of. Mom played solitaire, I cleaned, and DF watched VHS. It's become a very inconvenient world....I kept saying we were a rain storm away from being Little House on the Prarie.

    Make sure - you call your cable company and ask for a 'relief' on your bill. They will not just automatically give it to you. I did not -thinking it would show up on the next billing cycle, and by that time they said too much time had passed.
  19. donna723

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    "Maybe with a quieter, calmer life?"


    Star, if my life got any "quieter and calmer", they'd have to poke me with a stick to see if I was still breathing!

    And Directv IS going to credit me for the five days that I won't have my satellite service since it will take them so long to get here to fix it. And I'm also supposed to be getting credit for the $12.95 charge to overnight the modem to me since it took three days to get here. In fact, both the internet provider and UPS promised me this credit so I may be getting it twice!! Shhhh!!!
  20. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Well I found a Furreal chipmonk in the Goodwill today - and I absolutely CAN NOT WAIT........to set in in the yard.......and say "OMgosh - Look kids - See the skwirrellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll?" And get it on video with my phone.

    THAT is the highlight of my year so far. A mechanical, battery operated chipmonk doubling as a dog-toy/skwirrelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll for my fur childrens amusement. I'm danged near giddy. (blinks twice, raises eyebrows) and to think I am the same woman that used to have front and center to Jetrho Tull /Blue Oyster concerts and not get home until 3 AM......yeah - life she IS a changin'.