See same psychiatrist as your child?


New Member insurance SUCKS! I got ahold of the website for the insurance we'll be getting as of June 1st and did a search for child psychiatrists in 100 mile radius and there is ONE!!!!!!

So, then, since I really (especially after a day like today) want to see a psychiatrist myself for an evaluation and some support, I looked up general psychiatrists in a 30 mile radius (so I could hopefully commute back and forth while the kids are at school and make it back before the bus gets here...that's my hope! It's a small time window)...a VERY SMALL list comes up....One psychiatrist is the ONE Child psychiatrist that my son would most likely be seeing (unless he is terrible and we find ourselves out of network) and the other one really close is MY MOTHERS psychiatrist! Beyond that, I'm looking at a 1/2 hr to 45 minute drive. Ugh. it terrible to see the same psychiatrist as your child or ACK...your mother?


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Cory and I saw the same psychiatrist for quite a while. In fact, if Cory were to follow through on his commitment to get treatment through mental health now we would see the same psychiatrist.

I would worry more about seeing the same therapist than seeing the same psychiatrist. psychiatrists are more for medication than actual therapy. The more hands on stuff is with a psychologist or therapist. You can probably see the MD for a diagnosis and then get referred to someone in the practice for therapy.


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Isn't that fun!!! When I first started searching, I had none in a 100 mile radius!!! That sucked.
I was told that if you do find another psychiatrist that you really like in your area and they are closer etc, that you can call your insurance co. and ask them to include the psychiatrist in their list. You can also talk to the psychiatrist if their is another that you like. And ask if they take your insurance or are considering it?
Our's is out of network. But because we have none in the area, we don't pay out of network.


New Member I call the psychiatrist my mom sees, figuring I'll get an evaluation and then maybe downgrade to a psychologist for some talk therapy afterwards and the psychiatrist ONLY does medication management, nothing more. Grrrr...

I'm hating this insurance.

Edited to add: an appointment with pediatrician- psychiatrist for M...they only do medication management too. :frown: Gosh...if I were a psychiatrist, that would feel like such a waste of schooling and so just spend day in and day out writting scripts. But, I digress. AT LEAST they were willing and able to get M in tomorrow morning so I will have SOMEONE to manage M's medications before they are up for refill in 2 weeks and SOMEONE to call when all h-e-double hockey sticks breaks loose in my house again should he rage like he did yesterday.

I made an appointment with a psychologist for myself for 3 wks from now. Will have to see how helpful that is. It's with a woman...there are only women in my local area...I have a feeling I'd be more comfortable with a man...not sure why...we'll see.