Self Contained Basketball Game - Fidgeters?


Roll With It
Wiz was the kind of kid who had to be doing something with his hands. He was UNABLE to concentrate if he had to sit still. I know a lot of our kids are like that.

Froobi is a daily deal site that changes deals around 2 pm central (I could be off an hour or so on the time, sorry). For those who do swagbucks (online reward system where you can get giftcards, etc... for various activities including shopping from froobi), you get them for each item you purchase on froobi.

Today's game is an electronic basketball game that is a bit different than any I have seen. You have a mini basketball and a mini hoop and an electronic scoreboard. But all of this in INSIDE a clear plastic ball!!! So you do the motions with your hands to get the ball through the hoop, but you do NOT throw anything and nothing goes flying around if you use it properly!!! I think it would also be helpful with coordination problems for some of our kids. Plus it looks like fun, at least to me!!!

I can see a LOT of situations that this might be helpful with. After some practice, it would even be safe on car rides!. The practice would be necessary for my kids to ensure that they don't accidentally throw the game, of course.

Here is a link to the site selling the game: Froobi Daily Deal and it sells for $5.95 plus $2.99 s&h, or $8.94.

If you are interested, remember that it will only be available on this site until early afternoon. I have used this site many times and have had no problems with billing, shipping, etc....