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Just a quick vent about how much I hate the medical professions.

My back went out again about 2 weeks ago - combo of husband being gone and me doing all the heavy lifting with- Boo, and dealing with- the aftermath of flood.

Found a doctor on Tuesday who would see me - I don't have a primary doctor and avoid them at all costs, so you know it was bad. He sent me home with Vicodin and a muscle relaxant. No sleep at all Tues or Wednesday, plus I can't work because I can't sit. Go back in on Thurs, hysterically sobbing from pain, and he admits me for pain control and consult with ortho.

This hospital has literally 2 RNs per floor, the rest are Patient Care Techs (PCTs) who can only take care of vitals. 2 hours to get medications started and admission labs done. No response when I called nurses for IV changes. I was patient.

Ortho came in last nite, ordered repeat MRI but he was thinking it wasn't greatly changed from last year and conservative therapy was an option (I'm seriously anti-surgery). MRI was done and he returned this morning with bad news, L3/L4 disk is 3x as herniated as it was last year, I'm probably not getting away without surgery but he was willing to try epidural steroids and he set up consult.

Took shower this morning, not in room but down the hall, had massive return of debilitating pain because I bent down to get washcloth. Hit nurses' call button, no response (nothing new). Wobbled close enough to room to get PCT's attn for help back to bed.

IV started leaking at 2:40. No RN on floor to fix. 3:00 comes, no RN. 4:00 comes, I'm thinking that I'm supposed to have an epidural in a facility with no nurses??? Not happening. Tell them to take out IV. PCT can't do it - fine, get me gauze, I will. RN finally shows, snippy, "I'm here *now*". Sorry, hon, day late and a dollar short. I'm outta here. "Well, your insurance won't pay the hospital bill." Give me a break, you don't have a clue. "Charge nurse" who refused to give me last name shows up 5 mins later, to change IV (which just needed to be tightened at 2:40 but was now completely clotted). No go, hon, I'm leaving. "Insurance won't pay if you leave AMA." Oh, how I wish you had a clue of what you're talking about.

She said she'd contact doctor and if he refused discharge, I'm AMA with bill. Fine. She returns 3 mins later with AMA form so I'm positive she didn't talk with- doctor. Same threats (blackmail) over bill. AMA form states I have been advised of consequences of leaving AMA - yep, insurance won't pay bill. Absolutely *no* mention of medical consequences. Grrr.

Caught a bus to my town and started walking home. Fortunately/unfortunately, neighbor somehow recognized me - I look like death warmed over several times, hair's a wreck, hunched over, clutching cane. Bless his heart, he actually turned around to give me a ride home... how mortifying.

I got name of administrator in charge of patient care (I think, since I trust this "charge nurse" woman as far as I can throw her). Letter written to her, 2 docs involved, Joint Commission, and my ins co documenting completely substandard nursing care, what I think are valid concerns about having a procedure done on my spine in a facility where no one answers nursing calls, and gross failure to comply with simplest of patient rights according to Joint Commission.

I've skipped the wine/whine and gone straight to scotch, which I figure is safe since the last morphine I got was 5 hours ago. I truly truly detest hospitals and most physicians, though I have to say the 2 I had this go round were very decent and concerned fellows, who actually listened to me. Don't know what is next... just hope I can sleep.... and work on Monday since according to not-so-professional nurses, I'm responsible for the bill, LOL. Idiots. Venting.... send cheese to go with- scotch!

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I'll let Sharon send the cheese as she's in the cheese state. You're right to be so angry - substandard care, of any sort, is terrifying. Especially when you are so aware of what's going on around you.

How about I send you a pound of really good coffee beans & some chocolate?


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WOW!! Sending you some nice baby swiss and sending the Charge Nurse moldy cheese. She's going to need it more I belive to go with HER wine after you talk to her boss.

Gentle hugs for you back.


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Sending you a variety of cheeses and raspberries for the "medical care"....and I use that term loosely.....

Absolutely deplorable and when the bill comes I think I would be letting them know I would be paying for services rendered....which were NONE......

Hope scotch gives you some relief and you can find a better health facility.....
I'm sending some Asiago and some green apples.

And definitely moldy cheese to the hospital. Moldy cheese that smells like my dad's feet. Like fontinella or something.

I am so sorry that happened to you. I've had no problems since switching all my medical issues to Loyola. You anywhere near 1st Ave? I'm about 1/2 hour away, and it is well worth the drive...


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I'm sending some salty, soft Harvarti.

Call a good neurosurgeon. Get referrals. Beware of docs that like to do epidurals. More than three is not standard of care and is abuse of insurance. Docs get paid more for one epidural injection than if they did a total hip replacement. If docs want to do more than!


I'll send my cheese to you in the form of my famous cheesecake. Should go great with scotch. Hope it is the good scotch. husband likes Glenfiddich.



I'm not sending any cheese...with all that's been sent so far, you're not going to potty for a month. :rofl:

I'm sorry you're feeling so bad. There's not much worse than back pain. Just no way to get away from it. :ill: Good for you for writing the letters. Nurse Hatchett should be very afraid. She doesn't know who she's messing with. :warrior: The treatment you received is deplorable.

Columbus is 6 or 7 hours away, but Riverside hospital and their staff is wonderful. Too bad you're not closer. They take such good care of you that you don't want to leave! Ok, you do want to leave, but you know what I mean.


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Throw out the smelly feet cheese and sit down with that cheesecake! That oughta do it.

I am so sorry for your back pain and issues. I hate to think about the substandard care at the hospitals. Very sad that you feel more comfortable walking home than staying there.

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Next time call the hospital and ask for the Director of Nursing. This can be done from your hospital bed. (I've had to do it once)

No sense in all of that. Good grief. easy child gets mad because they've been working shorthanded lately. She's expected everywhere at once. She comes home so exhausted.

No wonder she's headed for medical school. :rolleyes:

The city hosps around here are pretty darn good. Well, at least the one's I've been in. Only had one bad experience, and that hospital doesn't exist anymore. It's something else now.

I hope you start to feel better soon!



I am a bit leery about going against medical advice when it comes to health issues. I say this mostly because I have done it and regretted it.

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Whatever hospital or clinic it is, they will have a customer service department.

File a complaint.

File as many complaints, with as many people, and go as high up as you can.

File a complaint re: the treatment you received with your insurance company and demand that they not pay the bill.

Refuse to pay for what they did to you.

Contact the hospital administrator regarding staffing levels and threatening some kind of legal action.

Write it all down now, while it is fresh in your mind.

Speaking from a nursing perspective? It is not about having bad nurses. It is about working the nurses they do have to a frayed edge.

And that is about money, pure and simple.

I am so sorry you went through this.

What are you going to do , now?

Funny they got the RN in there to try to make you sign the leaving against AMA but not to address whatever the issue was with your IV.




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HUGS!! Sending my chocolate chocolate chip cheesecake to you and this really gross cheese from the cheese vendor at the farmer's market to the hospital for htat nurse!!!!

Hope you can get help for the back soon!!



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That is appalling treatment. I'm sending you my favourite King Island double Brie (for you) and the smelliest Limberger I can find for the hospital.

I agree about nurses being overworked, but surely yours have unions? Can't the nurses union do something about impossible working conditions? This is potentially litiginous. It would be dangerous legally to work in such sub-standard conditions as this.

Limberger! I could not think of the name of it.

Send one of them to the hospital and hide it in the ventilation system somewhere. And crank the heat.