Sending Star a little extra BOARD MOJO :)

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    On the Week Ten thread, Star related some of the things she has been dealing with lately.

    I wanted you to know we heard you, Star ~and that we are wishing you well.

    (You will have to let us know if that fluid retention thing let go with oh, I don't know ~ say, the sound of a gurgling drain OR A FLUSHING TOILET when you read our comments.


    That old Board magic is powerful stuff!

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    Thinking of you and hoping whatever caused all that fluid retention has passed!!! I hope you see a doctor soon!!!

    May the "Board magic" be with you!!! WFEN
  3. SearchingForRainbows

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    I'm thinking of you... How are things going? WFEN
  4. scent of cedar

    scent of cedar New Member

    Well, that wasn't much mojo we gave you, Star!

    Hope it was enough to get everything back in balance, and that you are doing better today?


  5. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Okay you want to hear a FUNNY????????

    (bloated toad) comes to mind. Not to be derrogatory about myself, but with all the water gain... I humbly feel like neep neep neeping.

    So I'm in the interview today with the owner of our business, the insurance agent and I ask for insurance. On one hand I am "needed" to make the 50% mark for small business rates - and on the other hand I'm another "older" person liability. - The truth comes out later.

    So as I am sitting there listening to how much it will cost to renew our insurance and add me- the interviewer (age 73) looks at me and says "Do you have any health issues?" and I sat there blinking. I mean - HELL yes I have health issues....but THAT is why I want the insurance. And I don't feel like laying the list out because if I do - I surely won't qualify ever. And it's not really anyone elses business if I HAVE issues??? Oh dear.

    So I'm sitting there and I finally said "Well I've been told I'm prediabetic" and left it at that. And the boss leaves. The man turns to me and says "Well time to be frank." I look and he says "YOU ARE overweight." and then wants to know what I've done to try to loose weight. So I enlightened him. In lengthly detail. And I mean LENGTHY -----I talked about exercise, WW, meals - he added I may want to make my portions smaller.....(how thoughtful) If I eat any less I won't be able to get out of bed. If I eat anything with less sugar - my brain isn't going to function, and I only drink water - I've had every test known to man - even one for a brain tumor and adrenal failure. That I joined a weight loss support group and I walk, and I exercise - I even used to walk 10 miles a day in construction and sweat and not eat a lot at all (too hot). " I believe he was overwhelmed with too much information.

    So now - I may get insurance I may not. If I get it it may not cost me $450 a month like the 'good book' says. It may cost ME signifigantly more AND I may be required to get a complete physical. At my cost of course.

    Then the man asks "Well why aren't you ON water pills?" and I sat there, composed myself and said "Arent water pills prescribed?" and he replied (as if I were an idiot) "Well yes!" and I said "OH well then - in order to see my doctor and get the water pills - I need the insurance." and his reply - "Well you COULD just pay him for that visit." and I said 'You know you're right- and I would probably SAVE $450 a month that I'm going to pay YOU for insurance. GOSH Thanks for the idea Man - hadn't thought of that."

    He sat there eating a loafter for quite a while after I excused myself to do some mundane job in my overweight and waterlogged body.

    I sat in my office and thought "Okay God I'm done being heavy person - make me like I was not so long ago - "

    Thanks for the support - his comments really didn't bother me, because I am what I am and I HAVE been doing what I can to help me....but sheeze talk about barbed wire customer service gloves.
  6. scent of cedar

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    Oh, Star ~ how awful to have been treated that way.

    If it helps any, I have a friend in her early sixties who went in to see about having a knee replaced. She HAS insurance ~ and she was made to feel like an irresponsible, fat and LAZY person who had victimized her own knees by being heavy.


    She had the surgery done by a different doctor, of course ~ but she can still be brought to tears when relating what it felt like to have been made to feel so small, so much less than human, that day in the doctor's office.

    Like this friend Star, you will need to counter the emotional damage you sustained that day.

    Those words were never meant to help you.

    They were meant to help the person who spoke them elevate himself.

    Leave them behind.

    It's like they always say ~ others can only make us feel badly about ourselves with our compliance.

    Well, actually, I think it was Eleanor Roosevelt (however you spell Rooseveldt!) who said that, when she was asked how she felt about people commenting on her appearance.

    Though it is more difficult to defend ourselves, or to pick ourselves up after having been abused (which is surely what happened to you that day) than it is to fight for our children, that is what you need to do next, Star.

    You have to be your own best mother, now.

    Is there a free clinic in your area?

    Maybe that would be a place to start.

  7. Star*

    Star* call 911

    SOS -

    NAW - I made him think I wanted 1,000,000 in life insurance for myself, accidental death and dismemberment, supplemental life insurance - and health insurance.

    You only get one chance to treat me like he did - Here's the kicker - without ME the company will loose their discount - if we loose the discount the boss will drop him - so I'm still thinking .

    He didn't make me feel bad - but I thought - AND YOU SELL for a living??

    -Nice, no WONDER you dont' have that house on the lake you were wanting. lol
  8. scent of cedar

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    Are you feeling better, Star?

    It never hurts to know someone is wondering how we are, and hoping we feel better.

  9. Jena

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    Hi i just wanted to jump in and say very funny yes no wonder he doesn't have the house on the water, he's probably returning to a one bedroom apartment if that.

    i am sorry that he was such a jerk for lack of better words and that you are going through a difficult time overall.

    i haven't been in much lately, but saw this and wanted to send you a hug and let you know you are in my thoughts.

    Jen :)
  10. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Update: 4/8/08

    Just wanted to let you know what happened.....

    I asked for every insurance possible - got the quotes. Said I had not made my mind up.

    The day he saw me - I was having a really tough time everywhere. So the next appointment I dressed to the teeth - dress, high heels, hair curled, bits of makeup - and jewelry and nails polished to a high sheen.

    He literally stepped back and looked shocked when he walked in.

    -Apparently my boss had problems with what he said and called HIS boss. There was no future mention of my weight or obesity - There WAS a mention I looked nice to which I usually say Thank you - but today I said "I know." :sheepish:

    I listened and then said I was still getting quotes - he said good enough and we left it on a good note.

    Whenever it came to reviewing weight - I said - OH and so and so WEIGHS THIS much - is that about right for their height?
    I so wanted to bring him a photo of me at 150 lbs to amaze him that not all women are willows - but I used to be and looked like I was 110. (give or take 40 lbs from the camera no doubt)

    Thanks all - I'm so glad I'm secure in my own self - I know I'm overweight - I know I'm doing all I can to change that - and I know that now there has to be something they didn't find in all the other tests and pills I was given. I think it's thyroid - but we shall see - Now that I'm going to get insurance - lol. BECAUSE I'M NOT OVERWEIGHT - hahaha.