Serenityprayer... how did today go?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by gcvmom, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Just checking in to find out how today's appointment(s) went for the "boys". :D

    I hope all is well, or at least better than yesterday...
  2. serenityprayer

    serenityprayer New Member

    It went well...the psychiatrist was so nice...a woman specializing in bipolar conditions. husband has bipolar 2...she gave him a mood stabilizer lamectal (cant remember the name) and he starts tonight. She also recommended some great therapists that specialize in bipolar kids. difficult child is bipolar 1..ultradian rapid cycling. She talked to husband forst..then called me in. We have a release form in place so I can be called by them and deal with everything too. husband is bummed about the medications cuz he cant drink..big surprise there but I think he will come around and try it. He does not want to lose the highs/mania. He knows I am done unless he does it the ultimatum worked:D. psychiatrist says we will most likely add an antidepressant later too after weve stabilized husband. I loved her..great sense of humour and very direct.

    thanks for writing this post!!!!!!!!! It warmed my heart when I saw it!!!!!!!! Sending you GIANT hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
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    Glad it went well!
  4. serenityprayer

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    husband slept last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A great start with the lamictal..he never sleeps! Hopefully it continues and as he titrates evens him out too!!!!! Woohoo! Thanks be to God!;)

    difficult child started fluoxetine about a week ago on top of the risperdal......psychiatrist says he hopes it helps his severe anxiety but to watch him carefully because it can make bipolar kids and adults manic! Ive been watching...and I am now giving it to difficult child is the morning time so we will see. My two men are bothing being treated and getting help for their bipolar now so it is a wonderful Christmas just for that reason:D

    This morn I asked how difficult child felt today and difficult child said "I dont feel like someone will come and murder me today thanks to the medicine" :laugh: Funny LOL!!!!! but also sad that he is so paranoid and anxious all the time! Hopefully the prozac does not make him manic..fingers crossed.

    So easy child is the only one that is not medicated in our house now...maybe she should be in charge? LOL!!!!!!!!

    thanks for the support gcvmom and JJJ !!!!!!!!!!!!!! hugs
  5. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    That's GREAT news!!! Lamictal worked very well for my husband's depression and mood swings even though it was rx'd for seizures in his case. I loved, Loved LOVED that medication! But it can also cause a rash, as well as a potentially life-threatening rash (Stevens-Johnson), so keep an eye out for that. husband got a mild, localized but bilateral rash from this medication twice, so his neuro pulled him off it. But he's doing fine on Trileptal now. And husband takes Paxil which has not caused any mania at all for him, and it also helps with his depression/anxiety/obsessiveness.

    I know exactly what you mean about hearing our BiPolar (BP) loved ones complain about missing their "highs". We've heard the same thing here initially. But after more than two years on medications now, husband is aware of how much BETTER his life is because he no longer goes into those dark, out-of-control rageful places.

    SO great that difficult child feels better, too!!! I hope he's able to tolerate the Prozac. You'll have to let me know if you find a good therapist. We have had so-so luck in finding ours, and I'd gladly drive to your area for a good one.

    This will truly be a blessed Christmas for your family! I'm so glad your husband cares enough about you and his family to address his problems head-on.

    Big hugs!
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    Sounds like a positive for the family!